You are considered a university transfer student for admission purposes if you:

  • have attended at least one full-time semester at a university within the last two years; or you
  • graduated from a university program within the last ten years and you have not studied elsewhere since completing your university studies. In this scenario, you would be considered as a second-degree university transfer applicant (more details on this category below)

General Admission Requirements

Applications from university transfer students are evaluated on an individual basis. Normally students need to be in good academic standing in their latest semester of study in order to be eligible for admissions consideration. Each admission cycle, Bishop’s University receives more applications than spaces available. Being eligible for admissions consideration does not guarantee admission.

If not evidenced in the information provided, applicants to Bachelor of Science programs and certain programs in the Williams School of Business may be requested to show proof of university-level, CEGEP level, and/or grade 12 level mathematics. In those cases, the Admissions Office will request this information directly.

Required Supporting Documents

  • Proof of English proficiency. All applicants must submit proof of English proficiency.  Consult the English Language Proficiency Requirements page to determine what, if any, supplementary documents you must provide. If your level of English proficiency does not currently meet our minimum requirements, please consider one of the English Language Pathway Programs with which we are a partner.
  • Copy of most recent university transcript
  • Copy of final high school transcript if you have if you have completed less than one full year at university
  • Copy of personal identification document(s). Consult the Personal Identification Documents page to determine what document(s) you must provide.

At the request of the Admissions Office additional documentation (letter of motivation, CV, etc.) may be required to complete your application.

Applicants to Programs in the Department of Music:

Applicants to the following Music programs must provide an audition and letter of musical background (see the Music Admissions Information Sheet for more details):

  • BA Major in Music: Classical
  • BA Major in Music: Popular Music Studies
  • BA Major in Music: Musical Theatre Concentration
  • BA Major in Arts Administration: Music Concentration
  • B.Ed. Teaching & Learning of the Creative Arts: Music