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You are considered an A-Level/British-patterned system student for admission purposes if you:

  • are currently preparing to write A- or AS-Level examinations; or you
  • completed A-Level and/or AS-Level examinations within the last two years and you have not studied elsewhere since completing your secondary school studies

Admission Requirements

The following requirements should be used as a guideline to be considered competitive for admissions consideration. Each admission cycle, Bishop’s University receives more applications than spaces available. Meeting the minimum posted requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants who do not meet the posted requirements may be considered on an individual basis. In those cases, the Admissions Office may request additional information in addition to that indicated below.

General requirements:

We are looking for academically strong and well-rounded students with academic requirements as follows:

  • Five GCSE results with no mark below a “C” (letter grades) or “5” (number grades) plus three A-Level results with a minimum B/B/C.

We require all British Curriculum students to present English Language or Literature at either the GSCE or A level and recommend Further Math for business, sciences, mathematics, psychology and economics programs.

Students who complete three A-Level exams with no grade lower than C are eligible to receive 30 advanced standing credits, equivalent to one year of full-time study.

Program-Specific requirements:

Consult the information below to determine specific courses required by individual programs:


  • Course Requirements: A-Level or AS-Level Mathematics
  • Three A-Level results with a minimum B/B/B


  • Course Requirements: None specified


  • Course Requirements: None specified


  • Course Requirements for B.Sc. Science programs: A-Level or AS-Level Mathematics, One A-Level or AS-Level Science, and One additional Science subject (A, AS, or GSCE-Level)
  • Course Requirements for B.A. Science programs: A-Level or AS-Level Mathematics

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION – elementary and secondary

  • Course Requirements: None specified

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION – math or science as a teachable

  • Course Requirements: A-Level or AS-Level Mathematics, One A-Level or AS-Level Science, and One additional Science subject (A, AS, or GSCE-Level)

Required Supporting Documents: All Applicants

  • Copy of score reports from all GCSE, AS, and A-Level exams already completed, as well as predicted AS or A-Level results.
  • While not required, information such as teacher recommendations or personal statement may assist us when reviewing your application. Please note that we do not require British Curriculum students to supply SAT or ACT scores.
  • Copy of personal identification document(s). Consult the Personal Identification Documents page to determine what document(s) you must provide.
  • Applicants to the following Music programs must provide an audition and letter of musical background (see the Music Admissions Information Sheet for more details):
    • BA Major in Music: Classical
    • BA Major in Music: Popular Music Studies
    • BA Major in Music: Musical Theatre Concentration
    • BA Major in Arts Administration: Music Concentration
    • B.Ed. Teaching & Learning of the Creative Arts: Music