Further details on academic programming in winter 2022

Further details on academic programming in winter 2022

Dear Bishop’s Community,

As the Principal and Dr. Linden-Andersen indicate in their message of January 10th, classes for the winter 2022 semester will resume on Wednesday, January 12 with most classes being delivered remotely.

As we indicated in our message of January 5, 2022, some courses will begin in person on January 12th.  The updated list of exempted courses is provided below. Continue reading below for more information on the plan for January 17th and beyond.

LIST OF EXCEPTIONS- COURSES THAT MAY START IN-PERSON AS OF JANUARY 12th. (additions are LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST, one course reverting to online is highlighted in BOLD)

REMINDER: Students are encouraged to check their BU email account on a regular basis and the course Moodle site for updates (e.g. some science labs and other courses may begin in-person in Week 2). Instructors may provide important details specific to their course by email and/or on the Moodle site.

ABE102(01)Abenaki Language and Culture II
BIL208(01)Genetics Laboratory
BIL208(02)Genetics Laboratory
BIL208(03)Genetics Laboratory
BIL329(01)Invertebrate Bio Lab
BIL337(01)Animal Phys II Lab
BIL337(02)Animal Phys II Lab
BIO206(01)Diversity of Life II
BIO206(02)Diversity of Life II
BIO311(01)Quantitative Methods in Biology
BRS405(01)Chemical Analysis Beer and Ingredie
BRS505(01)Chemical Analysis Beer and Ingredie
CHL192(01)Introductory Lab II
CHL211(01)Organic Che II: Lab
CHL225(01)Inorganic Chemistry II Lab
CHL341(01)Chemical Spectro Lab
CSL201(01)Foundat of CompScLab
CSL201(01)Foundat of CompScLab
CSL216(01)System Program Lang Lab
CSL216(01)System Program Lang Lab
DRA132(01)Acting II
DRA211(01)Ritual & Theatre
DRA234(01)Acting IV
DRA251(01)Lighting Design
DRA332(01)Production II:Performance
DRA393(01)Contemporary Theatre Creation III
DRA440(01)Scene Study II – Shakespeare
EDU228(01)Practicum II-Elementary
EDU228(02)Practicum II-Elementary
EDU229(01)Practicum II – Secondary
EDU328Professional Practice (Elem)
EDU329Professional Practice (Sec)
EDU428Internship (elem)
EDU429Internship (Sec)
ESL126(01)Oral Discourse I
FIN222(01)Art Therapy
FIN301(01)Art Edu:Theory&Practice
FIS140(01)Foundation Studio
FIS170(01)Sculpture I
FIS170(02)Sculpture I
FIS181(01)Painting I
FIS260(01)Drawing II
FIS372(01)Sculpture III
FIS375(01)Fiber Art II
FIS382(01)Painting III
FIS395(01)Adv. Studio Problems I
FRE100(01)French I
FRE101(01)French II
FRE121(01)French IV
FRE155(01)Culture & Society Conv.French II
FRE156(01)French Written Communication II
GER306(01)AdvLang: Language  Literature & Fil
JSE102(01)Intro Japanese Lang II
MAT081(01)Enriched Calculus Lab I
MAT082(01)Enriched Calculus Lab II
MAT082(02)Enriched Calculus Lab II
MAT191(01)Enriched Calculus I (WILL START ONLINE)
MAT192(01)Enriched Calculus II
MAT209(01)Linear Algebra
MAT326(01)Math Problem Solving
MTH110(01)Intro to Acting with Song I
MUS116(01)Film Music II
MUS125(01)Musicianship II
MUS170(01)Elective Instrument I
MUS171(01)Elective Instrument II
MUS172(01)Principal Instrument I
MUS173(01)Principal Instrument II
MUS180(01)Choral Ensemble I
MUS181(01)Choral Ensemble II
MUS182(01)Chamber Music Ensemble I
MUS183(01)Chamber Music Ensemble II
MUS184(01)Jazz/Improv Workshop I
MUS185(01)Jazz/Improv Workshop II
MUS188(01)Rock/Pop Band I
MUS189(01)Rock/Pop Band II
MUS235(01)Materials of Music IV
MUS270(01)Elective Instrument III
MUS271(01)Elective Instrument IV
MUS272(01)Principal Instrument III
MUS273(01)Principal Instrument IV
MUS280(01)Choral Ensemble III
MUS281(01)Choral Ensemble IV
MUS282(01)Chamber MusicEnsemble III
MUS283(01)Chamber Music Ensemble IV
MUS284(01)Jazz/Improv Workshop III
MUS285(01)Jazz/Improv Workshop IV
MUS288(01)Rock/Pop Band III
MUS289(01)Rock/Pop Band IV
MUS370(01)Elective Instrument V
MUS371(01)Elective Instrument VI
MUS372(01)Principal Instrument V
MUS373(01)Principal Instrument VI
MUS380(01)Choral Ensemble V
MUS381(01)Choral Ensemble VI
MUS382(01)Chamber Music Ensemble V
MUS383(01)Chamber Music Ensemble VI
MUS384(01)Jazz/Improv Workshop V
MUS385(01)Jazz/Improv Workshop VI
MUS388(01)Rock/Pop Band V
MUS389(01)Rock/Pop Band VI
PHL192(01)Intro Physics Lab II
SPA202(01)Spanish Language IV
SPA302(01)Adv SpanishTopics&TextsII
FIS181(02)Painting I



FIN 218 Digital Imaging for the Artist I

BMG322 Change Management


The following courses will offer hybrid options as of January 12th:

DRA 161 (Intro to costume design)

MTH 300 (Musical production 1)



  • All classes that were planned to be in-person on the winter 2022 timetable will be delivered in-person at the time scheduled and in the assigned classroom.
  • All classes scheduled to be delivered online on the winter 2022 timetable will continue to be delivered online. Synchronous courses will continue at the time scheduled in the current timetable.

Therefore, students who have registered for in-person classes must be prepared to return to Lennoxville for these in-person classes beyond January 17.


Please note that students should not expect hybrid sections of in-person classes.


Future updates

As we wrote in our last message, unpredictability is the new reality so we need to be supportive of each other as we face these challenges. Of course, we have learned that the best laid plans are subject to change.


Be well. BU.


Miles Turnbull

Vice-Principal Academic & Research


Claire Grogan

Associate Vice-Principal Academic