If you are interested in taking French during your stay at BU, please read this.

Bishop’s University has a strong French program designed for all levels, from beginners to native speakers, including a section on culture and literature. Our main objective is to make sure that, by the end of their studies, our students have reached a very good, if not excellent, level of bilingualism, including, as much for francophone as for advanced non-­‐francophone students, a deep knowledge of the grammar and the language, and a wide perspective on the history and the culture of the Francophone world.

French is an important aspect of the Quebec and Canadian identity, and this is recognized by our provincial government. Therefore, it has been agreed that out of province and international students interested in improving their French language skills or learning about Quebec or French culture would be eligible to pay “in-province” tuition fees for any French course they register for at Bishop’s, about a $400 saving per course.

Bishop’s offers two types of courses: French as a second language (FRE courses), opened to non-francophone students, and courses in culture, literature, translation and advanced grammar, designed for Francophones and advanced non-Francophones (FRA courses). Anyone who has ever studied in a francophone institution should only register for FRA courses.

We have set up a French Placement Test to be taken online, anytime, anywhere, prior to registration. This test is mandatory for all non-francophone students wishing to take a French course for the first time at Bishop’s, and who have NOT completed Grade 11 French anywhere in Canada.

  • If you have completed the core French program up until Grade 11, you must register for FRE140 or FRE141. Send me an email and I will register you (sarah.theberge@ubishops.ca). If you have completed Grade 11 and done an immersion program, please write the placement test so we have a good idea of what your level is. We’ll figure out which course would be better for you.
  • The test (which includes information about your registration) will take you less than an hour to complete. You will need your myBU username and password. When you are ready to start, click on the following link: https://moodle.ubishops.ca/course/view.php?id=1076

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our Faculty members.

We look forward to seeing you in our classes.