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Physics Seminar – Lost Horizons: Dynamics of Regular Black Hole Formation and Evaporation

November 6 @ 2:30 pm

Professor Gabor Kunstatter,
Department of Physics
The University of Winnipeg


In February of 2016, LIGO announced the detection of gravitational waves emitted by the merger of two massive black holes, providing astounding confirmation of the validity in the strong field region of Einstein’s theory of gravity as well as the first direct evidence for the existence of black holes. According to Einstein’s theory, at the center of every black hole there lurks a “singularity” where the known laws of physics break down. Stephen Hawking showed in the ’70’s that black holes might irreversibly destroy information, leading to the “black hole information loss conundrum”.

After a brief review of the conundrum, I will describe recent attempts by myself and collaborators to gain insights by modelling the dynamics of regular (i.e. non-singular) black Hole (RBH) formation and evaporation within a self- consistent frame-work.

If you are interested in joining in this seminar, please contact Nancy Robichaud at nrobicha@ubishops.ca before November 6,  to obtain the Zoom link.


November 6
2:30 pm
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Physics Department
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