Dr. Michele Murray reappointed Dean of Arts and Science

Dr. Michele Murray reappointed Dean of Arts and Science

Dear Bishop’s community,

I am very pleased to advise you that the Board of Governors has accepted my recommendation that Dr. Michele Murray be appointed for a second term as Dean of Arts of Science.

I received a unanimous recommendation from the Committee chaired by Dr. Miles Turnbull and composed of Dr. Steven Cole, Dr. Pierre Cossette (recteur, Université de Sherbrooke), Dr. Norman Jones, Dr. Elizabeth Levac, Professor Jane Needles, Dr. Ross Osmun, Ms Erica Philips, Dr. Michael Richardson and Dr. George Rideout.

The Committee received significant input that spoke to the respect and appreciation that the Bishop’s community has for Dr. Murray.

Several members highlighted her exceptional ability to find constructive solutions to problems and to support them in their endeavours.

Dr. Michele Murray

Dr. Murray also received an enthusiastic endorsement through the Student Representative Council that confirmed the students’ appreciation for her support and leadership.

Dr. Murray has led the three divisions of Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and Mathematics through an exceptionally challenging period for the University. I am very grateful to her for the work she has accomplished and am very confident about the outstanding leadership that she will continue to provide to Bishop’s.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor