Donations of physical supplies for Ukraine

Donations of physical supplies for Ukraine

Bishops/Champlain community:

In recent weeks, our communities have watched with horror as the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Ukraine.

There have already been a variety of responses on campus, and as the situation unfolds, we will continue to offer our support.

At this time, the local Ukrainian community has called for donations of physical materials and supplies that are impossible to acquire from within the conflict.

Some of these items are medical in nature, and we are thankful to the campus clinic and Champlain Nursing for their participation. Others items listed invite participation of the wider community.

Until March 31, we will be collecting the materials listed below.

Items collected can be dropped off at security—be sure to deliver your donations in cardboard boxes.

Following the donation period, a group of staff and students will sort the donations and deliver them for shipping overseas.


  • Baby food (formula and jarred), diapers, bottles, pacifiers, wet wipes, baby creams for diaper rash, socks.
  • Electric jars, sleeping bags, mats, candles, matches, empty sandbags, batteries, flashlights, binoculars, night vision devices, walkie-talkies, knee pads.
  • Thermal underwear, underwear (new), socks, shoes, helmets.
  • Personal hygiene items: towels, toothpaste, solid soap, dry deodorants, towels (small).
  • Food: Tea, coffee, sugar, instant cereals, soups, jarred food, energy bars, nuts, dried fruits.


Analgesics, ibuprofen, tablets for back and joint pain, patches, medicines for diarrhea, heartburn, allergies, epinephrine, medicines for children, burns; external fixation devices for traumatology; disposable scalpel blades; Ambu Bags; surgical threads + needles, kapron, nylon N2, 3, 4, 5; powders to dust wounds, such as gentasept; bandages; surgical kits; kits for the sanitary; treatment of wounds; rigid collar for fixing; decompression needles; syringes; sterile anti-burn material; defibrillators; thermal sheets; Bandages, Hemostatic bandages and dressings, Anti-burn or healing dressings, Hemostatic powder, Decompression needles, Nasotracheal tubes / Endotracheal tubes, Anti-inflammatories, LAQlicyjetics, Physical solutions, Painkillers, Supports for physical solutions (ask in pharmacy), Hemostatic tourniquet, Nasotracheal tubes, Analgesics, Antipyretic, Syringes and arterial tubing, solutions. Over-the-counter medications.

We are not accepting clothes at this time, there is no place to keep them.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


The Rev. Jesse Dymond
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