COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Information

Dear Students,

From today September 1st, 2021 we will be implementing the vaccine passport on campus as required by the Quebec government (Quebec’s Vaccine Passport). On campus we will roll out our new PURPLE KEY to be used as a one type of vaccine passport on campus for now. Therefore, on campus you can either use the Quebec vaccine passport or our PURPLE KEY. (It is important to note that off campus you will need the Quebec vaccine passport to access restaurants, gyms, bars, festivals and more). To convert your out of province proof into a Quebec QR code, you will need to meet with public health. We are working on bringing that service to campus so that you will be able to receive your Quebec QR code right here on campus. We will update the community when we have further information.

Our PURPLE KEY is easy to access, simply open your SFEGAITER app, click on the COVID banner and then the PURPLE KEY icon. You will need to upload a photo of your proof of vaccine. It is simple to do and will grant you access immediately to non-essential services on campus*. Please check out the FAQ below for more guidance.

If you are coming to campus from outside of Quebec, you can simply upload your proof of vaccine (wherever it is from) into the app to receive the PURPLE KEY. Some of you will have out of province QR codes, some of you will have a form of sorts. All are accepted with the PURPLE KEY for now.

We will be doing weekly draws among PURPLE KEY holders with chances to win swag, gift certificates and other goodies. Our draw will culminate in a main prize draw on October 1st among all those with validated PURPLE KEYS.

*Please note, that misrepresenting vaccine documents is a provincial offence and is punishable with fines as well as with sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct.



To access all non-essential areas of campus, including the Gait, Dewies dining hall, the Sports Centre, the new dining venue in the Student centre and the café in the LLC.


Getting your SAFEGAITER PURPLE KEY is easy! Search the app store for SAFEGAITER, Download, then Open the Bishop’s SAFEGAITER app. Navigate to the COVID-19 section and click on the PURPLE KEY button. Using your Bishop’s credentials, you can securely login using your BU email and password. You will be prompted to upload and submit a valid proof of vaccination, and provide basic contact information. Click submit and your PURPLE KEY will be issued. You will receive a unique and confidential QR code that will provide only the status of your PURPLE KEY application.

Do I have to upload my vaccination information to the app to get the PURPLE KEY?

If you do not feel comfortable uploading your information to the app, you can stop by the Dean of Student Affairs office in the Student Centre, where Kyle Pye can verify your proof in person and provide you with the key.


Any approved applications may be reviewed for authenticity or declined if falsified.

I had previously tested positive for COVID-19, only have one dose or was vaccinated with a dose that is not listed as approved by Public Health Canada. Can I still get my PURPLE KEY?

Yes, however, you may be contacted to clarify your application details or be directed to services to book your second dose. Please note the PURPLE KEY does not replace or override any restrictions enacted by government vaccine passport programs.

I am only getting my second dose next week; can I get the PURPLE KEY?

For the first two weeks on campus, you will be granted a purple key if you provide proof of one vaccine and that you have booked your second appointment. As of the 15th of September, you will only have access if you received the final dose of your vaccine more than a week earlier.

Be safe in our fight against COVID-19!

Not yet vaccinated? Click here to book your confidential appointment today.

Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.
Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force
Dean of Student Affairs
Associate Professor of Psychology
Clinical Psychologist