COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear Community, 


I am sure you are all as eager as we are to start the 2021-2022 school year. We have been busy making preparations for a safe and engaging year. We are still working out the details of the new government rules, but below are the general guidelines we are working on. 


This past week we received the new general guidelines for vaccine passports from the Quebec government (Quebec’s Vaccine Passport).


The vaccine passport will go into effect next Wednesday September 1st, but please note we are developing a system to support those coming from outside of Quebec during the first weeks where they may not have access to Quebec proof of vaccines. Therefore, if you are not from Quebec and do not yet have Quebec proof of vaccine, worry not, we will be able to give you access with the proof you have for the first two weeks*.  


In accordance with Quebec rules and guidelines, proof of vaccines will be required in the following places: 


The gym: we are working on the details, but it will not be possible to work out in the sports centre without proof of vaccine.  


The Gait: all bars are covered by the vaccine mandate from the Quebec government. 


Food outlets on campus: Only those with a vaccine passport will be able to sit down in our food venues including: the new food offering in the student centre, Tim Hortons, The Bus Stop, The LLC café, and Dewies dining hall. We are working on offering take-out options.   


Playing on a sports team: in order to play on any sports team, you must show proof of vaccination.   


Participating in Orientation Week: Only those vaccinated will have access to all events, there will be a few educational events open to all. 


Those choosing not to get vaccinated: The Quebec government has declared that university education is essential, therefore you will have access to your classes and to the library. You will have access to some take-out food that you can eat outside or in your room in residence. The best way to prevent harm form COVID-19 to you and others is to get vaccinated, click here to make your appointment today. 


Those with medical exemptions: If you are not able to receive the vaccine due to medical issues, you will be exempt from the Quebec government vaccine passport. You will need to contact Kendra Brock, the manager of our health clinic to make sure we can support your safe return to campus.


  • What if I have received the vaccine outside of Quebec: You will need to transform your proof into a Quebec QR code (make an appointment here). We hope to be able to provide this service on campus, but it is not yet confirmed. If you have any proof of vaccine when you arrive on campus, we will be able to grant you access for the first two weeks even without the Quebec vaccine passport. 


It is important to note that currently the Quebec government vaccine passport does not apply to those working in the venues.

We will communicate more details next week.

Together we can ensure a safe return to BU.



Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.

Dean of Student Affairs

Associate Professor of Psychology, Clinical