COVID-19 News Archive

COVID-19 News Archive

February 5, 2021

COVID-19 Update and Impact of Quebec Government’s February 2nd Announcement

Dear Community,

The Government of Quebec announced this week, that as of February 8th, 2021 additional in-person activities will be allowed on University campuses even in a red zone.

We are currently examining how this could affect us at Bishop’s. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have focused on the health and safety of our community. We have constantly weighed the risk of COVID-19 against the risk to mental health when considering in-person activities.

With the easing of restrictions of in-person activities on university campuses we are working on assessing what this could mean for our classes. You will receive an update specifically on this next week, but please rest assured that no student will be required to return to Lennoxville to take in person classes. It is also important to note that we may receive other directives from the government in the future limiting in-person activities if the virus transmission accelerates.

Today, I am pleased to announce that as of Monday, we will be opening up the following spaces on campus for small group activities:

  • Library Learning Common: the group rooms can accommodate two students for group study
  • The Hamel Lounge and the VIP Room in the Sports Centre will be converted to allow group study of up to six students
  • Student support groups like BUnited, The COVID Support Group, SASH and The Eating Disorder Group are working to provide in person support (please follow their social media and emails coming in the near future)
  • The Counselling Centre will continue to offer both in person and virtual support Mental Health Support at Bishop’s University

Please note that everyone must wear a procedural mask at all times, even when seated and when working in small groups. Students working in groups must maintain a 2m distance between participants at all times.

We are continuing our residence saliva testing protocol. To date we have not detected any positive cases in residence.

Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping our community healthy,


Dr. Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.
Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force

January 22, 2021

January 8, 2021

(Le français suit)

To the Bishop’s Community: 

December 16, 2020

Happy Holidays,

November 24, 2020

Bishop’s extends suspension of in-person activities

Dear Community,

November 20, 2020

Suspension of in-person activities until Wednesday Nov. 25

Dear Community,

November 11, 2020

Red Zone Memo

Dear Faculty, Librarians, Staff and Students,

November 10, 2020

COVID-19 Red Zone Update

Dear Community,

November 9, 2020

The Estrie region will be designated as a COVID-19 alert red zone as of Thursday November 12th. We are monitoring this situation and are in close communication with public health authorities.

We will provide more details about the consequences of this designation tomorrow. Please continue to monitor official communication channels for updates.

University activities will be maintained tomorrow.

October 16, 2020


September 16, 2020

(Le français suit.)

COVID-19 Case Update

July 15, 2020

(Le français suit.)

COVID-19 update for Students

Dear Students,

July 15, 2020

(Le français suit.)

Wearing of a face covering on Campus

Dear Bishop’s Community,

I write in my capacity as Chair of the Bishop’s University Task Force on COVID-19.

Port d’un couvre-visage sur le campus

Chers membres de la communauté de Bishop’s,

Je vous écris en tant que présidente du Groupe de travail de l’Université Bishop’s sur COVID-19.

June 30, 2020

Message to the graduating class of 2020

(Le français suit.)


Message du principal à la cohorte de 2020

Chers membres de la cohorte de 2020,

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