Campus Health & Safety Guidelines

Campus Health & Safety Guidelines


Signage may be in place in certain spaces on campus to ease congestion or provide instructions related to COVID-19 measures. Please respect all signage.


There is currently no mask mandate in place. Future announcements to come. Please respect all signage on campus.

Physical distancing:

There are no physical distancing requirements in the classroom for the fall 2021 semester. Please observe and respect signage on campus.

Use of hand sanitizers:

Although hand washing is preferred to the use of hand sanitizer; most entrances to buildings on campus will continue to be equipped with hand sanitizing stations. Please continue to sanitize hands to reduce risk.


Bishop’s University has created a group of trained students who will continue to help provide students and staff with relevant information and to help with cleaning classrooms.

Social & Extracurricular Guidelines

Please monitor our home page for the most recent updates.

Off-Campus Gatherings

For off-campus indoor and outdoor gathering information, please visit the Quebec government website for more details.