COVID-19 at Bishop’s University

COVID-19 at Bishop’s University

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Brief COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon community, I hope you have all been able to enjoy your summers. As we inch our way closer to our semester start, you may have questions about our COVID precautions this coming year. We have been following the development of the pandemic closely, both locally, nationally, and internationally. We are not yet ready … Continue reading Brief COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update (return to campus)

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms please isolate at home immediately. If you live with someone or are in a sexual relationship with someone who tested positive you must isolate as if you had symptoms, regardless of vaccination and/or test status. If you have access to a rapid test (we have asked public health for rapid … Continue reading COVID-19 Update (return to campus)

Resumption of in-person classes

Dear Bishop’s Community, As you know classes will resume on Wednesday, January 12 with most classes being delivered remotely. A list of classes delivered               in-person starting this week will be updated later today. The Quebec Government has stated that it expects Universities and CEGEPs to resume in-person instruction as … Continue reading Resumption of in-person classes

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Enduring Principles

Four principles guide our plan to safely and successfully welcome students to campus.

Health and Safety 
The main priority of Bishop’s University during the COVID-19 pandemic remains the health and safety of our community. By acting in responsible and evidence-based ways, we can, as a community decrease the risk to our community members.

We are committed to using a student-centred approach to see us through the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes ensuring a rich and safe student experience, involving social and informative programming through a harm-reduction lens.

Government-informed and evidence-based 
We will adhere to government and public health directives regarding COVID-19 and will move swiftly to implement new instructions we may receive during the pandemic. We will incorporate data and other information from public health agencies to ensure an evidence-based response.

The University will consider and recognize issues of equity unique to different groups and individuals. This will include but is not limited to, consideration and appropriate accommodation of those who feel that they are at increased risk and those who rely on schools and daycare centres for childcare. Furthermore, we acknowledge that pandemics will affect groups of individuals differently, and we are committed to providing equitable support for all students.




Counselling services are available to students, both in person as of this fall and online if preferred.  Counsellors will continue to offer support to students should the University have to close.

Students also have access to Student Care and Empower Me.
Student Care offers comprehensive health coverage to all students in the Fall and Winter. Students who are members of the Bishop’s University Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and who are paying tuition fees at either the Canadian or Quebec rates are automatically covered by the collective Enhanced Care Health & Dental Plan.

For more information contact the SRC or BU SRC Student Care.

Empower Me allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues. As a member, you are entitled to sessions delivered in person, by telephone, by video-counselling, or by e-counselling.

Empower Me is a confidential, multilingual, culturally, gender and faith inclusive service offered 24/7, 365 days per year. For more information contact the SRC or BU SRC Empower Me.

Staff and Faculty Support

Regular employees will be able to access support via the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) which provides free, confidential counseling services provided by Morneau Shepell.

To contact Morneau Shepell’ 24-hour, 7 days a week toll free telephone service:

English: 1-844-880-9142
French: 1-844-880-9143

You may consult their services either by going online: or by downloading the Morneau Shepell My EAP app to access E-counselling, Financial Planning Services, First Chat and many other resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have questions?  Take a look on our FAQ page.