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Brief COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon community,

I hope you have all been able to enjoy your summers. As we inch our way closer to our semester start, you may have questions about our COVID precautions this coming year. We have been following the development of the pandemic closely, both locally, nationally, and internationally. We are not yet ready to make any suggested changes to the current COVID precautions in place.

We hope to have a full and engaging in person semester. Of course, we have learned during the pandemic that things change. We will be updating the community with any changes that may come regarding isolation, social distancing, and any future potential mask mandates. As always, please follow current isolation rules in place if you are experiencing COVID symptoms.

Thank you for understanding.


Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.
Vice-Principal Student Affairs
Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

COVID-19 Update (return to campus)

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms please isolate at home immediately. If you live with someone or are in a sexual relationship with someone who tested positive you must isolate as if you had symptoms, regardless of vaccination and/or test status. If you have access to a rapid test (we have asked public health for rapid tests), you should perform one.

Please note that PCR testing for COVID-19 is currently reserved to specific individuals and may not be available to all members of the general public. For more information:

If your test result is positive and you are fully vaccinated (2 doses or 1 dose Johnson & Johnson):

· you must isolate for 5 days if you are fully vaccinated

If your test result is positive and you are not fully vaccinated:

· you must isolate for 10 days.

If you have no symptoms for 24 hours before the end of your isolation period, you may resume daily activities. If your isolation period was 5 days, you must wear a mask at all times during the following 5 days.

You must not come to campus if you are isolating. You can communicate with Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services (SAAS) who will inform your professors of your absence and help develop a plan to not miss significant parts of your course work. You can send an email to or register here under Covid temporary accommodation.

If you live in residence, you must inform the residence life team ( and remain in your room till you have further instructions. You will be provided food in your isolation space whether that is in your room or in our isolation unit. Note, if you live in a Paterson apartment or if you are part of a Residence Purple Bubble with other residents, you will be considered high risk if someone in your apartment or Bubble has COVID symptoms. In that case, you must all isolate for 5 days for fully vaccinated or 10 days for those who are not. The residence life team will provide information about purchase of groceries if you are not on the meal plan.

The current Quebec measures in force indicate that no private gatherings are allowed inside a home. You can gather up to 20 people from 3 different households (or three Purple Bubbles if you live in residences) outside as long as you adhere to public health guidelines. The curfew currently in place from 10 PM till 5 AM will be lifted as of Monday. The measures in place change frequently, so please use the link above to keep yourself aware of any changes.


Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.

Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force

Dean of Student Affairs

Associate Professor of Psychology

Clinical Psychologist

Resumption of in-person classes

Dear Bishop’s Community,

As you know classes will resume on Wednesday, January 12 with most classes being delivered remotely. A list of classes delivered               in-person starting this week will be updated later today.

The Quebec Government has stated that it expects Universities and CEGEPs to resume in-person instruction as of Monday, January 17 while accepting that the transition back to in-person classes may take until Monday, January 31.

As has been the case since March of 2020, it is difficult to predict with certainty how the pandemic will evolve.

In determining how best to proceed at Bishop’s we have been guided by the public health authorities, by feedback from our community and other institutions of higher learning and by our own analyses led by our COVID Task Force.

We have decided, with rare exceptions, to resume in-person classes as of Monday, January 17. All classes that were planned to be             in-person on the winter 2022 timetable will therefore be delivered in-person.

A wide variety of factors have been considered in arriving at this decision.

They include:

1)      Approximately 96% of our community has been double vaccinated.

2)      Many students have indicated their strong preference for being on campus. Multiple studies have indicated that further isolation may have a significantly negative impact on the mental health of young people.

3)      Delivering classes through a hybrid model has proven to be very difficult for faculty as well as students.

4)      The Omicron variant is becoming the dominant form of COVID-19 in Quebec. It is anticipated that the Omicron surge is likely to peak by the end of the month.

5)      The Omicron variant is highly contagious because it resides in the nasal passages and upper respiratory area. However, it is much less likely than other variants to bond with the lungs and consequently is much less virulent. We recognize, however, that the transmission rate of Omicron will likely remain significant throughout Quebec society over the next few weeks.

6)      The risk of hospitalization and severe consequences of the virus are much lower with Omicron. The people who are most at risk are the unvaccinated, people over 70 years of age and the immunocompromised.

7)      Employees of the University can receive their booster shots this week at a clinic at 605 Bowen Street in Sherbrooke (Jean-Maurice Street entrance) by clicking for an appointment. Proof of employment at Bishop’s will be required.

8)      As of Monday, January 17, all of our students, 18 years of age and over, will be able to make an appointment for the booster. Students currently outside Quebec may be eligible for a booster before returning to Bishop’s.

9)      As of today, approximately 24% of the population has received the booster and Quebec expects to inoculate an additional 100,000 people per day.

10)   With respect to employees, we will expect those whose position allows them to do so to continue to work from home until further notice. Please remain in contact with your manager, as some position requirements may change with the return of in-person learning.

11)   The rules with respect to wearing masks on campus and the obligation to present a valid vaccine passport in certain circumstances will remain in effect.

12)   We encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated and wish to remind you that the Quebec government will eventually require a booster in order to have a valid vaccine passport.


We know that we are all being asked to call upon additional reserves of patience and resilience.

Let’s hope that we will be able to look back on the Omicron variant as the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

We wish everyone a safe and productive semester.


Michael Goldbloom, C.M.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor


Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.

Dean of Student Affairs

Chair, COVID Task Force

Further to Principal Goldbloom’s message: more details on academic activities

December 31, 2021

Dear Bishop’s community,

As we prepare to say good-bye to 2021, we want to provide as much information as possible about the academic programming for winter 2022. This message follows Premier Legault’s press conference from last evening and the Principal’s Memo from a few minutes ago.

As the Principal’s Memo indicates, course delivery will proceed as follows:

  1. All classes previously scheduled to be delivered online will continue to be delivered online. Synchronous courses will continue at the time scheduled in the current timetable. All classes and hybrid ‘sections’ of courses that are currently scheduled to meet in person will begin online at the scheduled time and will continue online until at least January 17, 2022.
  1. For practical and pedagogical reasons some courses will remain in-person (science laboratories, clinical activities, project courses, various activities in music, drama, fine arts studio, languages, and other experiential in-person components of courses, including those required for graduating students). A list of these exceptions is currently under review and will be communicated early next week. These in-person classes will be offered at the times scheduled and in the classrooms posted in the current timetable (online Timetable (4070).rdl (


  1. Education practica start dates will remain as planned. The School of Education will be in touch next week with further information concerning changes to the practica in light of new government regulations (i.e. schools will open with online learning initially). At the moment in-person teaching is expected to resume in schools on January 17.


  1. Community-based experiential learning, internships and COOP placements will continue unless the host organization is unable to accommodate our students, in-person or virtually.


  1. The University plans to revert to offering as much in-person instruction as possible once it is allowed by Public Health. Therefore, students who have registered for in-person classes must be prepared to return to Lennoxville for these in-person classes beyond January 17. Students should not expect that hybrid sections of in-person classes to be offered if the course returns to in-person delivery.


  1. Research activities may continue, following approved public health guidelines (including research with human participants).


  1. Faculty should offer office hours virtually until further notice. Individual meetings with students should be done online until further notice.


  1. Faculty may come to campus to access their offices, classrooms and the video-recording room in the LLC to prepare and deliver classes. It is not necessary to obtain permission to do so.


  1. Should Faculty seek supports for teaching on-line, please refer to the ITS Virtual Helpdesk for additional information: ITS Virtual Helpdesk (


Here are answers to a few other questions that are likely front of mind:


Will the Library Learning Commons be open in January 2022?

The Library Learning Commons (LLC) will reopen on January 6, 2022 to support your studies, teaching and research. Only seating for individual study will be available. This includes group study rooms, fishbowls and booths/banquettes. No group work or study will be permitted.

The circulation services at the main service desk will remain open.

The Writing Centre will continue to offer its services virtually.


Will masks be required in classes and in the Library Learning Commons?

Procedural masks will be required while circulating and while seated in all locations in the Library Learning Commons as well as in classrooms. The only exception to this rule is when students are studying alone in a LLC study room after the door is closed.

The University will provide procedural masks to everyone.


Will the language exams for Teacher Certification (EETC) and TECFE exams continue in-person?

Stay tuned for more information on language testing for Education students.


Future updates

The University commits to communicating regularly with the community as the COVID situation evolves. A return to in-person academic activities will be announced to the community at least one week in advance.

Unfortunately, significant uncertainty remains as we commence the Winter semester. We recognize that such uncertainty is difficult, and may cause extra work, anxiety, and stress for staff, Faculty, and students. At this moment, unpredictability is the reality so we need to be supportive of each other as we face these challenges.

May 2022 bring us all hope, health and joy! We MUST control COVID!


Miles Turnbull

Vice-Principal Academic & Research

Claire Grogan

Associate Vice-Principal Academic

Message from the Principal

(Le français suit.)


Dear Bishop’s Community,


I am writing to you on the last day of what has been a challenging year for all of us.

We had hoped that in leaving 2021 behind we would also be leaving the worst of the pandemic behind us, but it is clear that we are not there yet.

We are now experiencing the effects of the Omicron variant both globally and in our own community. As we plan our return to campus, we will focus on the priorities that have guided us since March 2020:

  1. Keeping everyone safe
  2. Continuing the academic program so that students can complete their courses on schedule.

It is important that, as individuals and as an institution, we do our part to contribute to the efforts to reduce propagation of the virus.

As you know, Premier Legault has announced that in-person education will be delayed until at least January 17, 2022. We have decided that the academic program will begin as scheduled on Wednesday, January 12 and that all classes, with the exception of those with an essential in-person requirement, will be delivered virtually.

We will continue to evaluate the possibility of returning to in-person classes and we will provide at least one week’s notice before doing so.

Our priority is to provide an in-person education. Therefore, as soon as we are able to return to in-person instruction all students will be expected to be on campus.

Some classes that are extremely difficult to conduct online will begin as scheduled in-person on January 12, 2022. These may include critical teaching laboratories and other clinical activities, project courses, various activities in music, drama, fine arts studio, languages and other experiential in-person components of courses, including those required for graduating. A more detailed message regarding academic activities will be issued shortly.

All students and employees who need to be on campus at night for academic purposes will be given an attestation that they can show to a police officer if they are questioned.

The Library Learning Commons and the Sports Centre will be open for individual study. More information will be provided next week regarding opening hours.

Residences will open as scheduled on January 6th, 2022. Everyone must be mindful that the risk of transmission is higher in a shared-living environment such as our residences or a multi-occupant apartment.

Students returning to residences who contract COVID-19 will be required to isolate in their rooms and follow the isolation procedures. We will be continuing our testing program including a mandatory weekly test for any resident who is not fully vaccinated.

The Residence Life Team plans to provide an engaging and enriching residence life program while respecting public health guidelines.

The best way to prevent serious harm from COVID-19 is to be fully vaccinated. Some employees of Quebec’s universities may have priority for vaccination, including booster shots. As you know, you can book your vaccine on the Clicsanté platform:

Please remember that it is mandatory for all employees to complete a self-assessment each day that they come on Campus. The self-assessment can be completed online or submitted by downloading the BU safety app SafeGaiter and clicking on the COVID-19 header. (Make sure your app is updated).  

For employees who are required to be on Campus during the curfew hours (10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.), please contact your manager for an “Attestation de l’employeur” letter. 

Please contact  if you require additional protective equipment or have questions about working safely on campus. 


We know that the pandemic can affect the mental health of the members of our community.


Consequently, we have increased our student services and mental health supports to help students cope with these challenges. Counsellors are available for in-person as well as virtual support (Mental health support at Bishop’s University).

Bishop’s employees can benefit from free, confidential counseling services through the Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provided by Lifeworks.

To contact Lifeworks’ 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, toll-free, telephone service please call:

English – 1-844-880-9142

Français- 1-844-880-9143

If you prefer to consult services online, you can visit

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our community safe and to working with our students to ensure their success. It is important that we continue to care for ourselves and each other.

I would like to express our appreciation to the health care workers and front line workers for their sacrifice and dedication.

I hope that 2022 is a better year for all of us.

Be safe, be kind, BU.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor


Cher.e.s membres de la communauté de Bishop’s,


Je vous écris le dernier jour de ce qui a été une année difficile pour nous tous.

Nous avions espéré qu’en laissant 2021 derrière nous, nous laisserions également le pire de la pandémie derrière nous, mais il est clair que nous n’en sommes pas encore là.

Nous sommes actuellement confrontés aux effets du variant Omicron, tant dans notre communauté locale que sur le plan mondial. Alors que nous prévoyons notre retour sur le campus, nous nous concentrerons sur les mêmes priorités qui nous ont guidés depuis mars 2020.

1.     Assurer la sécurité de chacun.e

2.     Poursuivre les programmes académiques afin que les étudiant.e.s puissent compléter leurs études selon l’échéancier prévu.

Il est important que, en tant qu’individus et en tant qu’institution, nous fassions notre part pour contribuer aux efforts visant à réduire la propagation du virus.

Le premier ministre Legault a annoncé que les cours en personne devraient être retardés jusqu’au 17 janvier, au plus tôt. Nous avons décidé que les cours reprendront comme prévu le mercredi 12 janvier, et que, sauf ceux pour lesquels la présence physique est essentielle, seront offerts en mode virtuel. 

Nous continuerons à évaluer le retour aux cours en personne et nous donnerons un préavis d’au moins une semaine avant de revenir à des cours en personne.

Offrir une éducation en personne est notre priorité, ainsi, aussitôt que nous serons en mesure de revenir à des cours en personne, tous les étudiant.e.s se devront d’être présents sur le campus.

Certains cours qui sont extrêmement difficiles à offrir en ligne reprendront tel que prévu le 12 janvier 2022. Ceux-ci comprennent notamment des laboratoires et autres activités cliniques, des cours axés sur les projets, diverses activités musicales, théâtrales, en studio de beaux-arts, en langues ainsi que d’autres composantes expérientielles en personne, y compris ceux qui sont des conditions d’obtention de diplôme. Un message plus détaillé concernant les activités académiques sera émis sous peu.

Tous les étudiant.e.s et employé.e.s qui doivent se trouver sur le campus en soirée pour des motifs académiques se verront remettre une attestation à cet effet qu’ils.elles pourront fournir aux représentant.e.s des services de police qui leur en feraient la demande.

Les espaces de la Bibliothèque et Carrefour des ressources d’apprentissage ainsi que le Centre sportif seront accessibles pour de l’étude individuelle. Des informations plus détaillées concernant les horaires d’ouverture suivront la semaine prochaine.

Les résidences rouvriront comme prévu le 6 janvier 2022. Chacun.e doit être conscient.e que le risque de transmission est plus élevé dans un environnement de vie partagée tel que nos résidences ou un appartement à plusieurs occupant.e.s.

Les étudiant.e.s de retour en résidence qui contracteraient la COVID-19 doivent s’isoler dans leur chambre et se conformer aux procédures d’isolement. Nous poursuivrons notre programme de dépistage, y compris le test hebdomadaire obligatoire pour tout résident.e non-vacciné.e.

L’équipe de la vie en résidence prévoit d’offrir une vie en résidence engageante et enrichissante tout en tenant compte des directives de santé publique.

La meilleure façon d’éviter des risques sérieux liés à la COVID-19 est d’être pleinement vacciné. employé.e.s des universités au Québec pourraient être considéré.e.s comme prioritaires pour les vaccins, de même que pour les rappels. Vous pouvez prendre rendez-vous pour la vaccination, y compris pour la dose de rappel, par le biais de la plate-forme Clicsanté:

Il faut aussi se rappeler que les employé.e.s doivent compléter une auto-évaluation chaque jour lorsqu’ils.elles sont présents sur le campus. L’auto-évaluation peut être facilement complétée en ligne ou en téléchargeant l’application de sécurité SafeGaiter et en cliquant sur la rubrique COVID-19. (Vérifiez que la version de votre application est à jour).  

Pour les employé.e.s dont la présence est requise sur le campus lors des heures de couvre-feu (22 h à 5 h), communiquez avec votre gestionnaire pour obtenir une lettre d’Attestation de l’employeur.  

Veuillez contacter si vous avez besoin d’équipements de protection additionnels ou pour toute autre question concernant la santé et sécurité au travail sur le campus.


Nous savons que la pandémie peut avoir de sérieux effets sur la santé mentale des membres de notre communauté.


Nous avons augmenté les ressources de services aux étudiant.e.s et de soutien en santé mentale afin d’aider les étudiant.e.s à faire face à ces défis. Des personnes-ressources sont disponibles et nous offrons du soutien en personne et en ligne. (Soutien en santé mentale à Bishop’s)

Les employé.e.s de Bishop’s peuvent bénéficier de consultations gratuites et confidentielles par le biais du Programme de soutien aux employé.es et familles offert par Lifeworks. 


Pour contacter Lifeworks, 24 h sur 24, sept jours sur sept, veuillez composer sans frais le:


English – 1-844-880-9142

Français – 1-844-880-9143


Les personnes qui préfèrent accéder à des ressources disponibles en ligne peuvent visiter 


Merci de votre engagement à garder notre communauté en sécurité et de travailler avec nos étudiant.e.s en vue d’assurer leur succès. Il est important que nous continuions à prendre soin de nous-mêmes et de nos collègues et familles.


Je tiens à exprimer notre reconnaissance aux travailleur.euse.s de la santé et aux travailleur.euse.s de première ligne pour sacrifice et leur dévouement.


Be safe, be kind, BU.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.

Principal et vice-chancelier

COVID-19 Update

Dear Bishop’s community,

Sadly, the evolution of the COVID-19 global pandemic requires the University to make some difficult decisions about our operations.

Following consultations with Quebec Public Health, other Quebec universities and the Minister of Higher Education, the following measures will apply:

·       The University will reopen, as scheduled, on January 6, 2022. All employees will commence their University work on that day. Working from home will be required unless employees are informed otherwise by their supervisor. Some positions will require that some people be on-campus.

·       Classes will begin on January 12, 2022, as scheduled. However, a decision about mode of delivery will be made on or before January 5, which is consistent with the approach of most universities in the province. We will communicate with you via Notices and Students@list.

·       Faculty should be prepared to deliver their courses online for the first weeks if necessary.

·       Students should prepare to return to the campus for January 12th since our plan will be to deliver as much of our programming in-person as possible as soon it is deemed safe to do so.

·       The University will communicate again with the community in early January 2022, as soon as more information becomes available from the Government and public health authorities.

We wish you all a well-deserved break during the holidays. Stay safe and healthy.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor


Cheres membres de la communauté de Bishop’s,

Malheureusement, l’évolution de la pandémie mondiale de COVID-19 oblige l’Université à prendre des décisions difficiles concernant ses activités.

 Suite à des consultations avec la Santé publique du Québec, les autres universités québécoises et la ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, les mesures suivantes s’appliqueront :

·       L’Université rouvrira ses portes, comme prévu, le 6 janvier 2022. Tous les employé.e.s commenceront leur travail ce jour-là. Le travail à domicile sera requis, à moins que les employé.e.s ne soient informés du contraire par leur superviseur.e. Certains postes nécessiteront la présence de certaines personnes sur le campus.

·       Les cours commenceront le 12 janvier 2022, comme prévu. Toutefois, une décision sur le mode de prestation sera prise au plus tard le 5 janvier, ce qui est conforme à l’approche de la plupart des universités de la province. Nous communiquerons avec vous par le biais des ‘Notices’ et de ‘Students@list’.

·       Les professeur.e.s doivent être prêt.e.s à dispenser leurs cours en ligne pendant les premières semaines, si nécessaire.

·       Les étudiant.e.s doivent se préparer à retourner sur le campus le 12 janvier, car nous avons l’intention d’offrir la plus grande partie de notre programmation en personne dès qu’il sera jugé sécuritaire de le faire.

·       L’Université communiquera à nouveau avec la communauté au début du mois de janvier 2022, dès que le Gouvernement et les autorités de santé publique auront fourni plus d’informations.

Nous vous souhaitons à tous et à toutes une pause bien méritée pendant les vacances. Restez en sécurité et en bonne santé.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.

Principal et vice-chancelier

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Information

Dear Students,

From today September 1st, 2021 we will be implementing the vaccine passport on campus as required by the Quebec government (Quebec’s Vaccine Passport). On campus we will roll out our new PURPLE KEY to be used as a one type of vaccine passport on campus for now. Therefore, on campus you can either use the Quebec vaccine passport or our PURPLE KEY. (It is important to note that off campus you will need the Quebec vaccine passport to access restaurants, gyms, bars, festivals and more). To convert your out of province proof into a Quebec QR code, you will need to meet with public health. We are working on bringing that service to campus so that you will be able to receive your Quebec QR code right here on campus. We will update the community when we have further information.

Our PURPLE KEY is easy to access, simply open your SFEGAITER app, click on the COVID banner and then the PURPLE KEY icon. You will need to upload a photo of your proof of vaccine. It is simple to do and will grant you access immediately to non-essential services on campus*. Please check out the FAQ below for more guidance.

If you are coming to campus from outside of Quebec, you can simply upload your proof of vaccine (wherever it is from) into the app to receive the PURPLE KEY. Some of you will have out of province QR codes, some of you will have a form of sorts. All are accepted with the PURPLE KEY for now.

We will be doing weekly draws among PURPLE KEY holders with chances to win swag, gift certificates and other goodies. Our draw will culminate in a main prize draw on October 1st among all those with validated PURPLE KEYS.

*Please note, that misrepresenting vaccine documents is a provincial offence and is punishable with fines as well as with sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct.



To access all non-essential areas of campus, including the Gait, Dewies dining hall, the Sports Centre, the new dining venue in the Student centre and the café in the LLC.


Getting your SAFEGAITER PURPLE KEY is easy! Search the app store for SAFEGAITER, Download, then Open the Bishop’s SAFEGAITER app. Navigate to the COVID-19 section and click on the PURPLE KEY button. Using your Bishop’s credentials, you can securely login using your BU email and password. You will be prompted to upload and submit a valid proof of vaccination, and provide basic contact information. Click submit and your PURPLE KEY will be issued. You will receive a unique and confidential QR code that will provide only the status of your PURPLE KEY application.

Do I have to upload my vaccination information to the app to get the PURPLE KEY?

If you do not feel comfortable uploading your information to the app, you can stop by the Dean of Student Affairs office in the Student Centre, where Kyle Pye can verify your proof in person and provide you with the key.


Any approved applications may be reviewed for authenticity or declined if falsified.

I had previously tested positive for COVID-19, only have one dose or was vaccinated with a dose that is not listed as approved by Public Health Canada. Can I still get my PURPLE KEY?

Yes, however, you may be contacted to clarify your application details or be directed to services to book your second dose. Please note the PURPLE KEY does not replace or override any restrictions enacted by government vaccine passport programs.

I am only getting my second dose next week; can I get the PURPLE KEY?

For the first two weeks on campus, you will be granted a purple key if you provide proof of one vaccine and that you have booked your second appointment. As of the 15th of September, you will only have access if you received the final dose of your vaccine more than a week earlier.

Be safe in our fight against COVID-19!

Not yet vaccinated? Click here to book your confidential appointment today.

Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.
Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force
Dean of Student Affairs
Associate Professor of Psychology
Clinical Psychologist

COVID-19 Update

Dear Bishop’s Community,

We know you are excited to get back to campus life at Bishop’s and we are ready to welcome you! It has been a while since our last update. We are monitoring governmental guidelines as they come out and they are still being developed.

Below is an outline about the procedure masks guidelines on campus. The Quebec government also just confirmed the use of vaccine passports from September 1st. We are still learning the details about the passport so we will be communicating how this applies to our community later in the week. Here is a link to the Quebec government website regarding the passport and where it is applied (note the information is only available in French at this point).

Procedure Masks*

In following Government directives for post-secondary institutions and CNESST directives for workplace safety students and employees are required to wear procedure masks at all times while circulating in all campus buildings. Exceptions to this directive include:

  • When seated to eat and two metres apart or in designated areas (ex: Lunch Rooms, Student Center Food court, LLC Café and Tim Hortons). Note the vaccine passport may change the distance between those eating.
  • When seated in a closed room, alone or two metres apart (ex: offices, study rooms, meeting rooms, seminar rooms).
  • Wearing other personal protective equipment (PPE) that is required for work or study.
  • Engaged in physical activity and maintain two-metre distancing.
  • Unable to wear a procedure mask for validated health reasons.
  • Outdoors and one metre apart.

*Approved procedure masks include certified medical quality masks (“blue masks”) complying to ASTM F2100 or EN 14683 Type IIR standards. Please contact if you require additional protective equipment.


  • Procedure masks are required at all times by students in a classroom while seated or circulating.
  • Procedure masks can be removed by faculty or student presenters, provided they remain in the designated area in each classroom and two metres away from others.
  • Procedure masks can be removed by students during academic activities where wearing a mask is not practical such as acting, singing, playing a wind/brass instrument during a lesson, practical examination or in performance.

Physical Distancing:

  • Two metres:  Two metre (2m) physical distance is required in all situations where masks or physical barriers are not being used or available, such as when eating or drinking, in fitness rooms, or when acting, singing, or playing instruments.

Don’t forget as the campus gears up for a fall return, it is mandatory for employees to complete a health self-assessment when returning to work on campus each day. This self-assessment can be easily completed online or submitted by downloading the BU safety app SAFEGAITER and clicking on the COVID-19 header. Please make sure your app is updated too!

Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.
Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force
Dean of Student Affairs

COVID-19 Update

Good Friday afternoon Community,

We are coming back in person! You may have seen the recent announcement from the Quebec government that universities in Canada are permitted to return to regular in-person instruction. We are excited to welcome you all back to our beautiful campus. You may already be registered in your classes, if you have not yet done so, registration is open and you can find instructions here.

Quebec government vaccine passports: The Quebec government will soon announce details about the vaccine passport they will be implementing. We do not yet know exactly what activities will be covered by the vaccine passport, but the government has indicated that proof of vaccine may be needed to access restaurants, bars, gyms and to participate in competitive sports. We will share information about the Quebec Vaccine passport as soon as it becomes available.

It will take all of us to create a safe environment here in our BUbble. The best way of protecting our community is for all of us to get vaccinated. Vaccines are free and available to all, including international students and those who may have received vaccines that are not recognized by Public Health Canada.

While we expect public health guidelines to change through the year, we are planning to start the semester with a mask requirement to minimize the risk of outbreaks. We expect that students will need to wear their masks inside buildings for the time being, including during class. We understand that this may be less comfortable for you than you had hoped, but until we know the proportion of our campus community who are vaccinated, we will need to decrease the risk of spread. This cautious approach will help us keep our campus as healthy and open as possible.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.



Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.

Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force

Dean of Student Affairs