Access Card and Key Procedure

Access Card and Key Procedure

Please note that for security purposes, all key request forms can only be found on myBU.   Forms must be completed by a Faculty or Staff member.

Access Card and Key Request Procedure for Faculty, Staff and Tutors:

Access Card and Key Request Procedure for Students:

  • Students must obtain a pre-filled form from the designated Faculty or Staff member for the requested area to be accessed.
  • All fields must be completed including start and end dates.
  • Handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  • Forms must be signed by the student and be approved by the Dean, Chairperson or Manager of requested area.
  • Students must bring the completed form to B&G with a $20 deposit (cash only).
  • Request forms without a deposit will be put on hold until a deposit is received.
  • A turnaround time of three (3) business days is required to prepare the keys/access cards.
  • Students must return to Buildings & Grounds with their Student ID card in order to pick up their keys and/or access cards.
  • At the end of the term, the student must return the keys and/or access cards to the Buildings & Grounds office. Once received, the $20 deposit will be returned to the student.
  • If the keys are not returned at the end of the term, the $20 deposit will be forfeited.
  • Only one deposit will be requested per semester unless the keys are lost.

Lost Keys and Access Cards:

For your security and that of the University, lost keys and access cards must be reported to Security immediately.

If you lose your keys, you must:

  • Advise campus Security immediately (24/7).
  • Advise Buildings & Grounds at extension 2650 or in-person at the office.

Students, please note that lost keys mean that:

  • The $20 key deposit will be forfeited;
  • A new deposit will be required for replacement keys and/or access cards; and
  • The cost of replacing the lock, if required, will be charged to the student (via their student account).