Bishop’s University Research Funded by SSHRC

Bishop’s University Research Funded by SSHRC

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has recently announced the winners of its 2015-2016 grant competitions. The following Bishop’s University researchers have received research grants:

Dr. Svetlana Davis (Williams School of Business), “Looking in the mirror: I am the brand. But when am I entitled to more?” SSHRC Insight Development Grant ($27,823)

Dr. Svetlana Davis and Dr. Joanna Pitek (Williams School of Business), “Rearview mirror or side mirror focused? The role of temporal and social comparisons in coworker perceptions of flexible work arrangements” SSHRC Insight Development Grant ($54,467)

Dr. Anthony Di Mascio, SSHRC Insight Grant, “American influences on education in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, 1784-1875” ($51,669)

Dr. Gilbert Gagné, SSHRC Insight Grant, “The trade and culture debate in preferential trade agreements” ($121,900)

Dr. Heather McKeen-Edwards (Politics and International Studies), co-applicant. “Politics in the Era of Globalized Finance — Reassessing the Role of Domestic Institutions, Networks and Ideas in Financial Regulation” SSHRC Insight Grant ($122,616)

Dr. Matthew Peros (ESG), co-applicant. “Understanding cultural diversity among the early inhabitants of Cuba” SSHRC Insight Grant ($250,800)