Bishop’s University Inaugurates New Campus Housing

Bishop’s University Inaugurates New Campus Housing

Bishop’s University is inaugurating a new campus housing building.

A vibrant on-campus student housing experience has always been part of Bishop’s University’s unique experience, and the inauguration of this new on-campus housing facility illustrates our confidence that this aspect of our education model endures.

One of the reasons that Bishop’s has such a strong community is because many of our students have the opportunity to live together in one of our residences.

Having paid close attention to feedback from students living in residence about their needs and expectations, Bishop’s University is confident this student-centred project meets students’ desires.

At a time when our local community is experiencing a housing crisis due to a shortage of available units in the region, this new residence is contributing to maintain a stable supply of housing on offer for its students.

For her part, the Minister of Higher Education, Pascale Déry, mentioned that “Thanks to this initiative by Bishop’s University, 93 students will be able to benefit from a pleasant, safe and up-to-date living environment. It is important that the student community be able to find suitable accommodation, thus promoting accessibility to studies and success. After all, for many students, these accommodations represent the first steps out of the family nest. I wish the young people who live on the Bishop’s campus many significant encounters and enduring friendships.”

“This new residence building has also been designed to help us achieve our environmental sustainability goals. The building will benefit from the University’s geothermal heating systems to avoid unnecessarily increasing greenhouse gas emissions and is built to state-of-the-art architectural standards to minimize our environmental footprint,” Bishop’s University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Michael Goldbloom, C.M. explained.



Sonia Patenaude
Communications Manager | 819-342-2587