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International Mobility and Short-Term Stays Outside Québec Program

This scholarship program by the Quebec Ministry of Education offers financial support to university students travelling abroad as part of their studies. It also supports students participating in an educational activity outside Québec recognized by their university. If you meet the requirements, you may be eligible for a scholarship of $750 to $1000 per month ($3000 to $4000 per semester).


  • Must be registered as a full-time degree student at Bishop’s University.
  • Must be selected to participate in a recognized academic study abroad project during the Fall and Winter semester.
  • Must register or have registered in a full-time course load (equivalent to that of a full-time course load or completion of 12 or 15 Bishop’s University credits) while abroad.

Bishop’s summer school projects and field courses abroad may be eligible as well. More details to come.

Travel Bursaries

Thanks to very generous benefactors, travel bursaries have been made available to support students participating in exchanges.

  • Cahill Study Abroad Award
  • Camso Bursary
  • Daphne Atchison McMullan International Study Fund
  • Gavin Ross Memorial Travel Bursary
  • Haslett Travel Bursary
  • Rev. Ray Jensen Travel Bursary

DAAD Scholarship

Deutscher Akademscher Austausch Dienst is a scholarship available to Canadian students participating in an exchange to Germany. Please consult their website.

Bishop’s University Scholarship Renewal

A student on a recognized Bishop’s academic exchange must complete 30 credits (or equivalent determined by the Divisional Dean) at the exchange institution to be eligible for scholarships at Bishop’s upon their return. Scholarships will be awarded based on the rules and regulations found in the Academic Calendar.

Loans, bursaries, awards and scholarships are tenable during an exchange providing that students do not take an academic semester off prior to leaving on exchange.

For information on travel grants available through Bishop’s University or the Government of Quebec, please email us at exchange@ubishops.ca.

Study Abroad and Exchange

Exchange students

Students studying on an official Bishop’s exchange are considered to be Bishop’s students for the subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS and alternative loans. This means that:

  • You pay tuition and fees to Bishop’s University
  • You apply for US loans following Bishop’s University procedures
  • Your exchange school is not located within the continental United States.
  • All exchange schools must be Title IV approved to be eligible to get aid for the exchange. Any university that is not Title IV approved will jeopardize your aid while on exchange and future eligibility for aid.

For further information, please see the US Student Aid web page.

Government Aid

If you are a Canadian student on government financial aid from your home province, please report any travel bursaries to your Ministry of Education as it could affect the amount of government financial aid.  Please email studentaccounts@ubishops.ca with any questions.

Study Abroad students

Students participating in a Study Abroad Program are NOT eligible to receive subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS or alternative loans through Bishop’s. You will be paying your tuition fees to the other school (abroad). You must therefore make arrangements with that school (not Bishop’s) for financial aid.