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You would like to come to Canada and study one or two semesters at Bishop’s University? What an excellent choice!

In this section, we have collected information and links that will help you before, during and after your exchange. First, you can consult our Fact Sheet 2024-2025 to get an overview of the Bishop’s University Exchange Program. Then, you can find the different steps to follow below.

Have questions? Please do not hesitate to join our Webinars or contact us at exchange@ubishops.ca.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bishop’s University soon!

Step 1: Verify your eligibility and get nominated by your home institution

The first step is to be nominated by your home institution. To do that, you will need to confirm with them that you are eligible for an exchange abroad and that your institution and Bishop’s University shares a Bilateral, BCI or NSE agreement.

You should also validate that you match our Admissions Requirements.

For partner institution: To nominate your students, please fill our online nomination form.
Our nomination deadline is March 15th for Fall, Winter, and full academic year exchanges.

Step 2: Complete your application for an exchange at Bishop’s University

Once your institution has nominated you, you can start filling our application form. Please select the “International Exchange Application Form” according to your starting semester of exchange. If you are coming for a full academic year, select Fall and indicate “2” in the question regarding the number of exchange semesters. You will also be asked which program you wish to apply for. Please visit our Academic Programs webpage for more information.

You will then be required to upload the following supporting documents to your online BU application, or via your myBU student portal.

  • Copy of the ID page of your valid passport.
  • Official transcript from home university.
  • Proof of English language fluency to study at an English language university, (either a test score, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 90), or a letter from your home university attesting to your equivalent level of proficiency in written and spoken English, if you are not attending a university where neither English nor French is the language of instruction.
  • For students who are doing their exchange through the Quebec Student Exchange Program (QSEP) from the Bureau de Coopération International (BCI), please also provide your BCI Application Form.
  • Applicants to our Music program must provide an audition and letter of musical background (see the Music Admissions Information Sheet for more details).

Our application deadline is April 1st for Fall, Winter, and full academic year exchanges.

Step 3: Receive your Offer of Admission from Bishop’s University

An Offer of Admission will be sent to the admitted students around mid-May. You will need to accept your Offer of Admission by connection to your myBU student portal.

Step 4: Apply for your immigration documents

As soon as you receive your Offer of Admission, you can start applying for your immigration documents. You will receive in your email a document with important information on how to apply for your immigration documents and which documents you need according to your situation.

You can also visit our Immigration Procedure web page for all more details.

Step 5: Plan your accommodation

Whether you plan to stay in our residences or live off-campus, it is best to plan early. You can apply to live in residence as soon as you accept your Offer of Admission. Visit Living on Campus to apply for residence or know more about off-campus housing.

Step 6: Select your courses and fill the course registration form

Around June for the Fall semester and around November for Winter semester, you will be able to access our Timetable and start your course selection. Once the timetable is accessible, Bishop’s International will send you an online form where you will be able to complete your course selection.

Please note that course selection at Bishop’s University is made once per semester, and that we cannot guarantee courses prior to the registration period. We hope you can have flexibility in your selection in case courses are not available.

Credit system: Undergraduate international students must be full-time every semester. The minimum is 12 credits (around 4 courses / equivalent to 24 ECTS) and most students take 12 credits or 15 credits (5 courses / equivalent to 30 ECTS) per semester.

For students requiring a learning agreement signed by an authorized Bishop’s employee, please note that we will be able to do so only once you have registered for your courses and they appear on your academic record. Please send us your learning agreement by email (exchange@ubishops.ca).

Your will be able to see your schedule on your myBU student portal.

Step 7: Travel to Canada

When you have official confirmation for your immigration documents, you can start planning your arrival. We also recommend keeping an eye on our webinars and our Facebook page to stay updated with the procedures. You should also familiarize yourself and key dates and deadlines.

Step 8: Pay for the mandatory health insurance and send your missing documents

Before or once you are on campus, you should use of our accepted payment method to pay for the mandatory health insurance. The only exception is if you are eligible to apply for the RAMQ.

Moreover, after your arrival, you must send a copy of your immigration documents to Bishop’s University. You can so via your myBU student portal: Important Student Links -> Registrar’s Office Page -> Student Enrolment Services -> Submit Missing Documents.

Step 9: Attend the orientation activities and get to know your campus

Orientation Week is organized the Bishop’s University Students Representative Council (SRC) and is facultative, but a good way to get to learn about your campus and meet other Bishop’s University student. It is 90$ for a full week of activities. Bishop’s International also hold a free mandatory session and activities during the first weeks.

Step 10: Go to your classes and seek support if needed.

Bishop’s University offers various services for students who may need accessibility, academic, professional, spiritual, physical health, or mental health related assistance during their exchange. If you are experiencing any hardship, please do not hesitate to reach out to our resources or contact us directly (exchange@ubishops.ca) and we will be pleased to gear you toward the appropriate people.

End of exchange: Before we say goodbye and official transcript

Before we say goodbye, please confirm that you completed all your assignments and exams, that you do not have any remaining fees to pay (see on your myBU student portal and/or contact the Residence Office).

To get your Bishop’s University Official Transcript you need to make a request yourself via your myBU student portal: Campus Applications & Site -> PowerCampus Self Service -> Grades -> Request Transcript (3rd option).

Tip: To receive a PDF copy, you can put an email address in the Address line 1. You could also put your home coordinator’s email in Address line 2 so that they can also receive a copy.