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To assist our international students in regions where they may not have access to high school university counsellors, Bishop’s University has partnered with a few Education Representatives that can assist with your application to our institution. Please note that working with one of these representatives is not required and that applying to Bishop’s is a very easy and straightforward process. If you have questions about applying to Bishop’s please contact us at: recruitment@ubishops.ca.

Education Representative Partners:

Advanced College Credit Pathway (ACCP)

The ACCP (Advanced College Credit Pathway) is a joint partnership program between Bishop’s University and other partner universities that allows select international high school or first-year college students to earn one year of general education university credits through Marquette University 1818 dual enrolment program at an ACCP Center. Students who meet the ACCP admission requirements will be able to matriculate to an ACCP Partner University (i.e. Bishop’s University) carrying the credits they received in the ACCP program. For more information please visit: www.iperc.org/accp.