Congratulations on receiving a scholarship, award or bursary!

Why thank our donors?

Our Bishop’s alumni and friends generously give every year and typically ask for nothing in return, but a demonstration of gratitude, reinforces that they’ve made a positive difference in a student’s life. The goal is to acknowledge their contribution to your education, share a little bit about yourself and convey the impact of their philanthropy.

Choose how you’d like to say thank you!

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Visit us at Griffin House

Meet the team and warm up with a hot chocolate while you handwrite your note.

Submit your letter online

Write your letter on your computer and easily submit it electronically.

Make a ThankView Video

Don’t feel like writing? You can choose to say thank you with a video.

How to Write a Great Thank You Letter

See these tips and tricks to make sure your letter checks all the boxes!

Do’s and Don’ts
  •         Say THANK YOU  
  •         Make sure the letter is free of both spelling and grammatical errors
  •         Use formal salutations (Mr., Mrs., etc.) 
  •         Do not mention the amount of the scholarship you were given  
  •         Do not refer to the donors as alumni. Although we have many alumni donors, we       also have supporters who are friends, parents, faculty, staff, etc.  
  •         Be sure to sign your name, as well as print your name underneath it  
  •         Don’t be afraid to show your personality  and be sincere
  •      Add a picture of yourself (if you want!)
  •         Say THANK YOU again  
Anatomy of a Thank You Letter

Introduce yourself: Tell the donor who you are and that you are a scholarship recipient. Include your year and program. Be sure to communicate your appreciation to the donor for making this opportunity available to you.   

Tell them about yourself: Let the donor know a little bit about you, including any brief background that might be relevant to the scholarship. Mention any awards you have received and your career goals. Write about the classes you are taking and give some insight into your progress. Highlight any extra-curricular activities (e.g., athletics, clubs) in which you are involved.   

Talk about your studies: Your benefactor has invested in your education. Discuss your positive experiences at BU. Why did you choose to come here? Identify special learning opportunities you may have had.   

Add a personal touch: Including a photo of yourself at the bottom of the letter helps remind donors that they are making a real impact on a student. You can also tailor your letter to the award you have received by learning more about why it was endowed in the academic calendar.

Example Letters

To view example letter click here. These letters are not based on real students and you are not permitted to copy them word for word. Please use them solely for inspiration of your own letters.

Griffin House is located at 3 Harrold Drive on campus. Stop by on Mondays or Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. to submit or write your letter in person.

If you have any questions regarding writing or submitting your thank you, please contact or 819-822-9660

If you have any specific question regarding your Scholarship, Award or Bursary (e.g. amount awarded, condition and deposit dates) kindly contact the bursars office

Please note that Bishop’s University reserves the right to withhold payment of the second installment of your fund until we receive your thank you message to your donor(s).