The successful recruitment of Co-operative Education students depends upon the collective activities of three parties:

  1. the interested employer,
  2. the co-op student, and
  3. Bishop’s University.

All participants must adhere to Provincial and Federal legislation in their recruitment and employment practices.

The following recruitment ethics are taken from the Co-op Education and Work Integrated Learning – Canada (CEWIL). CEWIL provides additional guidelines concerning recruiting ethics that support the development of a mutually beneficial and fair process for all concerned. For more information, please visit:

Employer Ethics

  • Provide accurate job posting information including salary and location.
  • Provide reasonable notice of candidates to be interviewed and of interview cancellations.
  • Respect an institution’s schedule regarding job postings, interview arrangements, job offers, etc., and heed the Co-operative education policies and procedures of an institution.
  • Not discuss job offers or rankings with candidates before, during, or following an interview.
  • Not seek a candidate’s assessment of another candidate.
  • Not make multiple job offers unless prepared to accept multiple candidates.
  • Honour all matches, and not rescind offers of employment.
  • Confirm all job offers in writing.
  • Not translate a Co-op assignment into a full-time position encouraging a student to settle for less education.

Student Ethics

  • Abide by the Co-op policies of their institution.
  • Ensure that employers have accurate information regarding their qualifications.
  • Notify the Co-op office, well in advance, if interviews must be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Not discuss or mislead employers about their ranking or job acceptance intentions, and not provide information to employers on other students or employers.
  • Honour their acceptance of employment as a contractual agreement with the employer.

Institution’s Ethics

  • Inform students, employers, and other interested parties of institutional policies and procedures.
  • Provide equal services to all students and employers.
  • Accommodate employers’ reasonable requests for job postings, interview space, and presentation facilities.
  • Provide students with accurate information on all recruiting employers.
  • Notify the employer of any hiring limitations prior to them conducting interviews.
  • Notify employers of any students who, after being hired, are not academically eligible to continue in their program.

For more information, please refer to the Co-operative Education Program’s Code of Conduct.