When posting a placement offer through the Bishop’s University Co-operative Education Office, we ask that the employer include the following components to ensure the best possible fit for your organization:

  • Name of the company or organization
  • A brief description of the company or organization
  • Title of the position being offered
  • Outline job responsibilities/duties
  • Include the skills, abilities and qualifications required for the position
  • Include any other aspects that are considered to be important to the job (i.e. travel, languages, certifications, etc…)
  • Program(s) and/or level(s) from which you wish to hire
  • Location of where the placement will take place
  • Duration of the placement
  • If available, intended start and end dates
  • Typical hours in a work week
  • Estimated salary or salary range
  • Can be on an hourly, weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Deadline to apply for the position
  • Contact person and information

Should you have additional questions regarding the posting of a particular position, please contact the Co-operative Education Office: coop@ubishops.ca.