Work Term Sequence

The charts below indicate the usual sequence for Bishop’s University co-op students; however, work terms and academic terms may be completed during any semester with consent from the Co-op Office.

Work Term Evaluations

The passing final grade for the work term will be dependent on the following:

  1. Successfully completing your work term within the organization
  2. Completing a satisfactory work term report
  3. Receiving a satisfactory performance evaluation from the supervisor

The work term report will be reviewed by the Co-op Advisor and a recommendation will be made to the Departmental Chair regarding the final grade (pass or fail). The Departmental Chair will make the final grading and submit the mark.

International Work Terms

There are many exciting opportunities for co-op students, including the opportunity to work abroad. If you do not possess a passport or your home country does not have an agreement with your desired work destination, you should speak to the Co-op Advisor as soon as possible in order to prepare all relevant paperwork.

The best place to find up-to-date information about getting a work permit or visa (which one to get and how long the process takes) is to go straight to the source which is the local Embassy, or that country’s Consulate.

Project Visa is a great resource to find the nearest Embassy of the country you are interested in.