Co-op students find work placements in one of the three following ways:

Job Postings

Applying for a co-op job is simple! Follow the 4 easy steps below!

  1. Visit the Co-op Education Program Moodle page (only accessible to Co-op students)
  2. Prepare custom resume and cover letter
  3. Send resume/cover letter to the Co-op Advisor by the deadline
  4. Wait to hear for an interview

In addition to applying for job posting through the Co-op Office, all students are encouraged to also conduct a personal job search. Personal job searches encourage you to be resourceful and use your personal networks. The job search process is one that has very important implications for your future careers, so now is the time to start practicing! Don’t worry, the Co-op Office will be there to support you and give you tips along the way!

Entrepreneurial Work Term

An entrepreneurial work term may be developed by the student.  In this case, the student starts his/her own business.  Probably the most complex placement, evaluation is based on the success of launching and maintaining the business for the duration of the work placement. The student will be responsible for finding a mentor in their particular field and will receive additional support from the Co-op Office.