B.A. Major in Management

B.A. Major in Management

The goal of this program is to complement the potential that students developed doing their primary major. Graduates of this program will be able to adequately manage projects in their own field and assume leadership positions more rapidly. As an example, students shall be able to:

  • use team leadership skills and coordinate a project for an international NGO;
  • use accounting skills and manage the operating grant of a food bank;
  • use marketing skills and create an awareness campaign for a sport organization;
  • use electronic commerce skills to promote and sell artwork;
  • use basic finance skills to negotiate a lease contract for an art gallery;
  • use entrepreneurship skills to build a business plan for a new museum; etc.

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The B.A. Major in Management has two components:

  • Required courses (36 credits)
  • Business electives (12 credits) to be chosen amongst a list of selected courses


The required 12 courses allow students to develop basic skills in every business discipline:

  • BAC 121 Purposes of Accounting
  • BAC 221 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • BCS 220 Management Information Systems
  • BFN 100 Basic Finance
  • BHR 221 Organizational Behaviour
  • BHR 224 Human Resource Management
  • BMA 142 Basic Data Analysis Skills
  • BMG 100 Understanding Business and Society
  • BMG 214 Introduction to Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation
  • BMG 215 Introduction to International Business
  • BMK 211 Marketing Management
  • ECO 103 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

In addition, students must pick 4 business electives courses amongst the following:

  • BCS 210 IT Entrepreneurship
  • BCS 212 Electronic Commerce
  • BCS 216 Managing Information Technology
  • BCS 313 System Design and Development
  • BHR 315 Training and Development
  • BHR 326 Personnel Recruitment & Selection
  • BHR 328 Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness
  • BMG 221 Business Law
  • BMG 322 Change Management
  • BMG 323 Interpersonal Skills
  • BMG 324 Management of Innovation
  • BMG 325 Leadership in a Multicultural World
  • BMK 214 Consumer Behaviour
  • BMK 323 Marketing Communication
  • ECO 102 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

Consult the Academic Calendar to know about the regulation that applies to all Bishop’s students, and the Williams School of Business section to get the regulation that applies specifically to the business students.



To be considered for entry into the Major in Management, students must already be admitted to a primary major at Bishop’s, have successfully completed at least 30 credits at Bishop’s University and have achieved a minimum overall average of 75% based on all courses attempted. The Major in Management can only be added as a second major.

Mathematics requirements
There is no mathematics course required to be admitted in the Major in Management.


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