Calculator specifications

To be able to participate in all learning activities implying calculations, students must have two types of calculators:

A non-programmable scientific calculator for 2 variables is required for BMA140

A model with scientific and financial functions is required for many quantitative courses (we recommend Sharp EL738FC)

Laptop Technical Specifications

Students often ask about the kind of computer they should buy. Though not compulsory, since all the software we use in class work under the Windows Operating System, it would be preferable that they use the following technical guidelines:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Office 2010 or later
  • Recent version of a Web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • Sufficiently new computer to allow for the adequate functioning of these applications

Apple (Mac OS) computers can be used as long as a Windows OS is installed (either in Bootcamp or with a Virtual Machine) and Office 2010 or later is installed in Windows. This may entail extra costs to configure your machine in this way. Apple computer users who do not have Windows on their laptop can use Windows computers in our public computer labs for required assignments.

It is not guaranteed that tablets operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows 8 RT) will be fully compatible with software used in class.