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Declaring a Concentration

When to Declare

Accounting should be declared after your 1st year since you are required to complete 36 credits for this concentration stream.

All the other WSB concentration streams should be declared in your 2nd year.

NOTE: An application is required for both Accounting and International Business. Please refer to the Williams School of Business section of the Academic Calendar for more details.

Double Concentrations

Four year students typically have no problem completing a double concentration within their degree depending on the concentrations selected. Certain combinations will require extra courses.

Students in a three year degree may be able to complete a double concentration in that time period, but is dependent on course availability and the course selection of the student.

In both situations, regular academic advising is strongly always encouraged.

How to Declare a Concentration

A Change of Program (CoP) form is available at the Academic Advisor’s office (HAM 201) or the Records Office.

The student must fill in their personal information fully as well as sign and date the document.

The program for which you are currently in as well as wish to switch to should be completed as well.

The form needs to be signed by the Departmental Chair or see the Administrative Assistant for a stamp.

Majors & Minors

BBA students have approximately 48 credits of electives that they can use towards an additional major or minor(s).

Students wishing to add a major to their BBA should seek academic advising as early as possible to ensure the best course selection possible.

Students set on completing a double major may want to consider the BA Major Business degree. This leaves students with 60 credits of free electives and more program flexibility.

Students wishing to add a minor to their degrees typically have ample space to do so without adding additional time on to their degrees.

As always, planning and proper advising is the key to your success.

Declaring a Major or a Minor

Adding a minor is more often than not a rather simple process. Most minors are 24 credits and flexible in terms of the course requirements.

Students completing the BBA may have difficulty adding a second major depending on the number of credits they have available. Anything is possible, but it requires strong planning and regular academic advising is strongly encouraged for student planning a second major.

Students completing a BA Major Business have 60 credit of free electives and typically have no problems adding a second major or two minors. Advising is still recommended.