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Statement on Bill 21, An Act respecting the laicity of the State (PDF)

Education Student Club

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Ethics Statement

School of Education – Policy on Ethics

As members of the School of Education, students, full-time and part-time faculty, and supervisors adhere to and promote the following ethical values:

  • justice, freedom, democracy, equity, integrity, honesty, openness, responsibility, trustworthiness, confidentiality
  • respect for human rights and the environment

in a commitment to

  • working with all members of the School of Education to create a professional environment and learning community that values diversity and supports the social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, moral and emotional growth of all its members.

Commitment to this policy by members of the School of Education implies reflective, critical thinking about these ethical values. They not only guide professional actions but also provide a basis for conflict resolution and problem solving in situations requiring ethical judgments.

Approved: June 22, 2005


Judicial Record

Declaration concerning judicial record to be provided by persons holding or applying for a teaching Licence.

In June 2005, the National Assembly of Québec adopted an Act amending the Education Act and the Act respecting Private Education. The amendments concern the verification of the judicial antecedents of persons holding or applying for a permit to teach in the youth, adult and vocational sectors.

This Act empowers the Minister of Education to suspend or revoke, refuse to deliver or renew a teaching authorization to a person who has judicial antecedents that may be detrimental to the security and well being of a student.

After the Act comes into force, all persons seeking a teaching permit, diploma or temporary licence will be required to submit a confidential declaration to the Minister of Education concerning their judicial antecedents. Graduates of a program leading to teacher certification will be required to complete such a declaration upon applying for their teaching permits or diplomas. The verification of these declarations will be the responsibility of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport. Persons who have judicial antecedents that are considered incompatible with the teaching profession may be denied their teaching permits or diplomas.

These amendments will also require school organizations, school boards and private schools to proceed with a similar verification before hiring new personnel, and in certain cases, personnel already in place.

The law has been in effect for all students requesting certification as of Fall 2006.

Antécédents judiciaires

Un document nommé La vérification des antécédents judiciaires – Document d’information à l’intention des demandeurs et des titulaires d’une autorisation d’enseigner est maintenant disponible sur le site Internet de la DFTPS.