6-Week Practicum
The Professional Practice Practicum

As part of the Year 3 practicum experience, you will be enrolled in either EDU 328 (Elementary) or EDU 329 (Secondary): The Professional Practice Practicum.  

Through field experiences in either the elementary or secondary school setting, students will integrate theory into practice in this teaching placement. Students will plan, present, and self-evaluate lessons in collaboration with faculty supervisors, university teaching associates, and associate teachers. They will evaluate students and participate in the life of the school inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Course Codes: EDU 328 (Elementary), EDU 229 (Secondary)
  • 6 credits
  • Approximately 210 hours
  • Observation days in schools
  • 6-weeks, full days, following March Break
  • 60% workload
  • Placements are made in schools throughout the province of Quebec
  • Out-of-province placements are an option for the 6-week practicum only, within Canada

*Note: Students in certain secondary profiles may be placed in an adult education setting.

6-Week Practicum Handbook Winter 2024 (PDF)