Government Documents

Québec Education Act

Québec Education Program (QEP) – Preschool

Québec Education Program (QEP) – Elementary

Québec Education Program (QEP) – Secondary

Reference Framework for Professional Competencies (2021) (PDF)

Anti-Bullying Act, Bill 56 (2012) (PDF)

Anti-Transphobia Act, Bill 103 (2016) (PDF)

An Act to ensure the protection of trainees in the workplace, Bill 14 (PDF)

Lesson Plan Templates

A lesson plan is like a teacher road map outlining what students will learn (the destination), and how they will get there in the lesson.

Once these objectives have been determined, then the teacher can design appropriate teaching strategies (activities and assessments) to facilitate the learning.

Below, you will find a Lesson Plan Checklist to guide your lesson planning. You will also see a number of different lesson plan templates to help facilitate and organize your planning. It is important to find a template that works for you and your subject discipline.

Lesson Plan Checklist (Word)

MATCH – 3-Part Lesson Plan (Word)

Madeline Hunter – Adapted Design (Word)

Lesson Plan for Meaningful Learning (Word)

Lesson Plan – Backward Design (Word)

Lesson Plan – TIPS Template (Word)

Lesson Plan – Creating a Dynamic Classroom (Word)

Resources for Associate Teachers and Supervisors

Internship Tracking and Reflection Tool (Word)

Lesson Feedback Form – Components of Teaching (Word)

Lesson Reflection – Feedback Prompts (Word)

Lesson Feedback Form – Even better if… (Word)

Tracking and Reflection Tool (Word)

Competency Development Plan Template (Word)


Bourse Perspective Quebec

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