This practicum is the culmination of the students’ socialization into the profession of teaching. Through a lengthy elementary or secondary school immersion, students synthesize theories with practice to assume the competencies required of a teacher in the classroom and in the profession. Students become full-time teachers and colleagues with associate teachers, university teaching associates and faculty supervisors. They focus on long term and short term planning and implementing units of study. They experience all the challenges of the profession: teaching and evaluating students, interviewing parents, working on teams, organizing extra-curricular activities, and participating in professional development activities.

Note: student teachers in certain secondary profiles may be placed in an adult education setting.

  • Course codes: EDU 428 (Elementary), EDU 429 (Secondary)
  • 12 credits
  • Approximately 455 hours
  • Observation week in schools: Observation week in the Fall semester
  • 12-weeks: Full days immediately following the winter break

Link to the Practicum Handbook, 12-Week Internship (PDF)

Link to the Internship Tracking and Reflection Tool (Word)