Can I find my own Associate Teacher and my own practicum placement?

The PTO does all contacting of organizations to secure practicum placements. Student Teachers are not to approach any school or educator (e.g., teacher, principal) to arrange their own practicum.

Can I do my placement at the same school for every one of my practicums?

To adhere with government regulations, the PTO places Student Teachers across a “diversity of placements.” This means that each practicum site, to the greatest degree possible, must be at a different level, in a new school, with a different socio-economic profile.

Can I do my practicum in another city besides Sherbrooke and surrounding areas?

You can request to conduct your practicum anywhere within Quebec. You will be invited to share your preferences in a survey administered by the PTO near the end of the Winter semester. Where an entente exists or can be established by the PTO, efforts will be made to place you.

When do we find out about our placements?

The PTO works exceptionally hard to locate placements in a timely manner for all Student Teachers. For Year 3 and 4 placements, we aim to share placement information approximately 8 weeks prior to the practicum period. Notification may take longer depending on a Student Teacher’s specific requirements (e.g., specialization, geographic location).

Can I do my practicum outside of Quebec?

Students are currently permitted to take their 3rd (6-week practicum) outside of Quebec, in any province within Canada. No out of country placements will be allowed. Students must make a formal application for an out of province placement and the student must be in good academic standing in the School of Education to be considered for a placement outside of Quebec.

Who do I notify if I am sick, and I can’t go to my practicum?

If you cannot attend school because of illness or social leave, contact your Associate Teacher as soon as possible. Include detailed lesson plans and materials to support the teaching of classes in your absence.

Student Teachers must make up for days when they are absent due to illness or social leave, except snow days.

It is important that you also contact your BU Supervisor to report your illness, as well as your plans to make up for the absence.

Student Teachers must report their absences to the Practice Teaching Office by completing the Report Illness or Absence form.

How am I expected to get to my practicum site if I don’t have a vehicle?

Student Teachers are responsible for covering the costs of accommodation and arranging transportation to/from all practica. Your flexibility and willingness to travel to practicum sites is essential. As indicated in the Academic Calendar:

In addition to the costs listed in the Fees section of this Calendar, students are responsible for all travel and accommodation costs related to the required student teaching practica in the Bachelor of Education degree. (pg. 69)

Placements are made in schools throughout the province according to criteria established by the School of Education. Student teachers may have additional travel and accommodation costs during a practicum. (pg. 70)

What if I’m not successful in my practicum courses?

As per BU’s Academic Calendar, students receiving a failing numerical grade or an F in one of the core practicum courses (EDU 128/129, 228/229, 328/329) “may only be permitted to continue in their School of Education program with the School’s approval. In the case of a failure in the Internship (EDU 428 / EDU 429), the student must withdraw from the Bachelor of Education program.” (p. 70)

“Students removed from any practicum course before its completion as a result of an unsatisfactory report submitted by an associate teacher, school principal or university supervisor risk being withdrawn from the program. Final decisions regarding removal from the program rest with the School of Education. Cases of this kind will be referred to the School’s Review Committee for a decision regarding continuation in the program.” (pg. 70)