Minor in Teaching of English Second Language (TESL)

Minor in Teaching of English Second Language (TESL)

This Minor provides an opportunity for students to study how second languages are learned and taught, with an introduction to linguistics, second language acquisition research, and second language pedagogy. The Minor in the Teaching of English Second Language requires the completion of 24 credits.

This minor cannot be taken alone and must be combined with a full time or part time degree program.

This includes 12 credits from the courses below:
EDU 105 – Introduction to Linguistics for Language Teaching
EDU 206 – Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition
EDU 207 – Teaching the Second Language Learner
EDU 210 – Critical Pedagogical Orientation to Second Language Teaching

Plus 12 credits from the following list:
EDU 208 – Drama Techniques for Language Teaching
EDU 209 – Oral Communication
EDU 220 – Linguistic Diversity
EDU 307 – Literature and Language Teaching
EDU 308 – Teaching English Grammar
EDU 324 – Teaching English to Adults
EDU 325 – Selected Topics in Teaching ESL

Students in Education interested in completing this Minor should contact the School of Education at soe@ubishops.ca for more information.