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Sports Studies is an integrated program drawing on the expertise of faculty in Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Business and Health Sciences. The program provides an intensive study of sport and exercise in society. It encourages students to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective that gathers together the individual, local, national and international dimensions of sport and exercise. Consequently, it exposes students to the social, biological, political, business and economic aspects of sport in society. It also provides opportunities for practical experiences.

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Why you should choose Sports Studies at Bishop’s!

The Sports Studies Program at Bishop’s provides an intensive study of sport and exercise in society with a primary focus on three themes: Athletic Development, Sport Business, and Exercise and Health.

The programs are general Bachelor of Arts degrees, designed to encourage students to develop liberal education competencies while acquiring in-depth knowledge in at least one area of specialization.

The programs also provide opportunity for practical experiences.

Where can this lead you?

Career Possibilities

After graduation, students will be qualified to work in the field of athletic development (e.g., as a physical trainer, coach, per­formance analyst, or member of a support team), in the man­agement business of sport (e.g., administrator of a provincial/ national sport organization, municipal leisure department, sport centre, or professional team), or to pursue additional studies in a health-related discipline (e.g., physiotherapy, athletic therapy, public health, etc.).

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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Through the help of government, alumni, current students, faculty and staff, the Bishop’s Foundation, corporations and private donors, over 53% of our students receive financial assistance through scholarships, awards, grants, bursaries and loans. Just because you aren’t top of your class, or super involved outside the classroom, or can’t run the fastest doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible. We have hundreds of scholarships and awards that have a wide variety of requirements…you never know what you might receive!

Courses & Programs

Our multidisciplinary program allows students to take courses from a broad spectrum ranging from Social Sciences to Natural Sciences to Business, thereby developing multiple perspectives on the importance of sport in society. The Sports Studies Department at Bishop’s provides an intensive study of sport and exercise in society with a primary focus on three themes: Athletic Development, Sport Business, and Exercise and Health.

B.A. ProgramMajor and Minor in Sports Studies

Major (48 credits)

The Major in Sports Studies is a program of 48 credits (16 courses) divided into core courses (27 credits) and concentration courses (21 credits: see table in the Academic Calendar). At the time of their choosing during their Bachelor degree, sports studies students will have to “declare” at least one of the three possible concentrations and complete its requirements. Completing two or all three concentrations is possible, yet optional.


  • Athletic Development
  • Business and Society
  • Health & Exercise

Minor (24 credits)

The Minor in Sports Studies is a program of 24 credits (8 courses) requiring student to complete EXS 111, EXS 117, and SPO 170 as well as 5 additional SPO and/or EXS courses.

Some Popular Courses
  • Functional Anatomy and Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise
  • Biomechanics of Human Movement
  • Cognition and Motivation in Sport: Performance Enhancement
  • Sport Marketing
  • Talent Identification and Development in Sport
  • History of Sport in Canada
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Sports Studies Society (SpoSo)

SpoSo was established to represent, support, and unify the Sports Studies students by providing opportunities for learning, growth, and connection among all Sports Studies students, past and current.

For more information, visit the SpoSo Facebook page, and Instagram channel.

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Our MISSION is to enhance the knowledge and competencies of our students to empower them to become leaders in the Canadian sports system.

Our VISION is to become a prominent department in the Canadian University system recognized for the learning experience provided to the students. Using sound theoretical and practical pedagogical approaches, we equip the leaders of today and tomorrow to make a meaningful contribution to the sports community.


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