Sports Studies

The Sports Studies program provides an intensive study of sport and exercise in society. It’s designed to encourage students to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective that gathers together the individual, local, national and international dimensions of sport and exercise. Consequently, it exposes students to the social, biological, political, business and economic aspects of sport in sport in society. It also provides opportunities for practical experiences.

Why should you choose Sports Studies at Bishop’s?

  • Interdisciplinary approach: the program draws on the expertise of faculty in Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Business and Health Sciences.
  • Our brand-new athletic performance lab
  • Experiential learning with local schools and clinics

Where can this lead me?

Employment opportunities may occur in sports organizations at the community and corporate level, as well as in volunteer program to develop sports.

The program will also prepare students for further studies in areas such as recreation, leisure and sports management.

Sports Studies class with Maxime

Courses & Programs


Not sure whether you completed all the requirements of your program? Have a look at the following booklets:

Sports Studies Major

Sports Studies Major – Athletic Development Concentration

Sports Studies Major – Business and Society Concentration

Sports Studies Major – Health Concentration

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