The United Nations Practicum

The United Nations Practicum

Each year the University sends a delegation to participate in the National Model United Nations (NMUN) simulation, held in New York City. Over 5,000 students from over 400 universities and colleges in 40 different countries participate during the week-long event that ends with closing sessions in the UN National General Assembly chamber.

In 1998, Professors Andrew Johnson and Ivan Myhul spearheaded the creation of POL 352 (United Nations Practicum) in recognition of that participation is a highly effective way to introduce participating students to the workings of the United Nations system, and to help develop their research, analytical, writing, and debating skills in a practical setting. In 2015, the course expanded to run for a year (6 credits). This course allows students to get academic credit for the extensive preparations and active participation required of the NMUN delegation.

Over the years the Bishop’s University’s has developed a reputation as a strong participant in the simulation. Since the first club team in 1997, student delegations have been recognized for excellence, including multiple awards for outstanding position papers, distinction for work in individual committees, as well as awards recognizing the excellence of the entire delegation.

Previous NMUN delegations:

Left to right:
2016-2017 delegation (Ukraine)
2015-2016 delegation (United Arab Emirates)
2014-2015 delegation (Hungary)
2013-2014 delegation (Kenya)
2012-2013 delegation (New Zealand)
2011-2012 delegation (Australia)
2010-2011 delegation (Zambia)
2009-2010 delegation (Sweden)
2008-2009 delegation (Belgium)
2007-2008 delegation (United Republic of Tanzania)
2005-2006 delegation (Uruguay)
2004-2005 delegation (Jamaica)
2000-2001 delegation (Ireland and Oxfam)
1998-1999 delegation
1997-1998 delegation (Thailand) — Club