The Department’s approach to teaching has been the incorporation of as much of a field component as possible into the frameworks of many of our courses.

Proximity to a borough of 5,550 people (Lennoxville) and a Census Metropolitan Area of 173,200 people (Sherbrooke) provides much scope for practical projects. At the same time, the glacial features of the surrounding Appalachian region, the history of settlement and resource development, and a significant river and drainage basin, each provide a ready field laboratory for the physical and environmental aspects of the program.

Our campus is located at the confluence of the St. Francis and the Massawippi rivers, in an area rich with lakes, marshes, and hardwood forests. Mining activities in the past have dotted the area with small mining operations, with the related pollution problems. The Johnville Bog, a rare Quebec ecosystem, is situated a few kilometers from Bishop’s and has recently been put in the joint care of Bishop’s University and Université de Sherbrooke. The area is ideal for hands-on projects in outdoor recreation and environmental science courses, as well as climate change research.

Department Classrooms and Labs

Environment, Agriculture & Geography Classroom & Laboratory (J150)

This room is where most of the second and third year courses are held. It is a combined lecture room and a laboratory with counters and equipment. This room has a number of interesting maps and related bulletin boards for students to see.

Seminar Room and Student Lounge (J153)

Our senior-level seminars are held in this room. It contains a large round-table making face-to-face discussions possible. Students are often found using this room, outside of class times, for doing homework, eating lunch, or just hanging out together.

Wet and Dry Laboratory (J154)

This space houses newly-renovated physical lab facilities including a fume hood, sink, ovens, safety shower, and equipment and supplies for soil, sediment, and other analyses relevant to many of our programs and courses.

Computer and UBERG Laboratory (J151)

This multipurpose laboratory includes specialized computers for GIS and other techniques-based courses, a prototyping space including 3D printers, an electronic bench and equipment for field and lab experimentation. This laboratory is shared with the Undergraduate Bishop’s Earth Research Group (UBERG), where students engage in experiential learning projects in collaboration with several staff and faculty members.

Climate and Environmental Change Research Lab (J204) and Graduate Student Lab (J205)

These labs house a walk-in cold storage room, fume hoods, state-of-the-art microscopes, instrumentation for sedimentological and paleoecological analysis, work stations equipped with ArcGIS and statistical analysis packages, and a range of field equipment.

Science Lab Facilities

Students in our department have access to the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and other university laboratories. Check these departments’ websites under Natural sciences and mathematics for specific information on their lab facilities. A recent addition to the Chemistry department includes an NMR spectroscopy machine.

Other Computer Labs

Students have access to computers with GIS and specialized software in Nicolls 110 and 111, and in the Library Learning Commons.

The Library Learning Commons

Our Programs are supported by the Library Learning Commons (LLC), which is located on the west side of the Quad, at the heart of Bishop’s University. The LLC is designed to explore the rich intersections between learning, space, and technology. The Library maintains collections that support Bishop’s students, faculty, researchers, and campus community. In addition to the physical resources in the building, the Library subscribes to a vast collection of ebooks, online journals, and streaming services. Students enjoy spending time in the LLC and make use of the group study rooms, quiet reference room, and collaborative workspaces. Librarians are available for individual research assistance or group orientation sessions. Other services that can be found in the LLC include the ITS Helpdesk, Writing Centre, Teaching and Learning Centre classroom, peer mentoring at the Student Success Centre, and a Café.