With its major focus on human-environment interaction, our degrees analyze the distribution and interrelationships of physical and human phenomena on the earth, combining subject matter and methodologies from both the natural and social sciences.

Since its founding, the academic mission of our department has been to provide undergraduate students with a solid grounding in the study of people and the environment. This focus has been consistent with Bishop’s University’s overall commitment to undergraduate programs providing a liberal arts and science education.

The Department of Environment, Agriculture and Geography strives toward the following:

  • Interactive learning and community involvement
  • Low student to faculty ratio and small class sizes
  • Student-faculty collaborative research
  • High-profile faculty research
  • Student preparation for graduate programs

Our History

In 1961, the Department of Geography was founded and began offering a B.A. degree in Geography.

In 2001, recognizing the importance of environmental issues, the department name changed to “Environmental Studies and Geography” and offered concentrations in both Environmental Studies and Geography.

In 2017, the departmental name changed again to “Environment and Geography” when we began to offer a B.Sc. in Environmental Science. 

In 2022, we added a B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS) and changed our department name again to “Environment, Agriculture and Geography”.