Honours students are required to complete a research dissertation. The results of these theses should be sufficiently significant so as to be publishable either in pedagogical or research journals. In fact, many undergraduate students have already been co-authors on refereed research and/or conference papers (see information below). A variety of different projects have been undertaken by students ranging from astrophysics to quantum mechanics to holography.

Kaleb Mathieu, The influence of gravity on the quantum Hall effect.

Benjamin Leblanc, Solar System seismology: Probing the interior structure of giant planets.

Ryan Comeau, Photo dynamics of the Kepler-11 system.

Jeremy Côté, Effective fluid description of modified gravity with applications.

Matthew Lundy, Using sub-Nyquist artifacts to discover ultra-short period systems.

Dario Cattelan, Modeling the impact of Type Ia supernovae on possible binary companions.

Yann Audin, Ultra cold neutrons in Earth’s gravity.

Shawn D. Belknap-Keet 2017, A new family of spherically symmetric dynamical solutions of scalar-tensor gravity.

Philippe Laporte, Compact formulae for the first and second-order relativistic corrections to the isotropic quantum harmonic oscillator valid in any dimension.

Jonathan Drapeau-Lebeau, IGRT in prostate cancer: Impact of organ motion between two imaging techniques in radiotherapy.

Marianne Lapierre-Léonard, Newtonian large-scale structure simulations: Do they fail to include relativistic effects?

Emilie Parent, Light-curves calibration of Type Ia supernovae.

Jonathan St-Antoine, Characterisation and design of fiber to silicon waveguide coupling structure.

Marshall Vokey, Applications of the physics of glaciers.

Charles Protheroe, The Qualitative Dynamics of General Scalar Field Cosmology.

Jerome Quintin, X-Ray Binary Evolution: The Effects of Self-Induced Irradiation.

Andres Zambrano, The Stability of Non-Gravitating Scalar Fields.

Eric Blais, The Double Core Common Envelope Scenario for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors.

Jacob Hooey, On the Nature of Dynamical Instabilities in Interacting Binary Systems.

Jean Bergeron, Phase Diagram of a Frustrated Quantum Antiferromagnet.

Jeff Lapierre, On Using Energy Balance Models to Predict the Surface Temperature of the Earth Over Billions of Years.

Neda Aminshariati, Using Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm to Approximate the Mean.

Emilie Pelchat, The Gravitationally Coupled Magnetic Monopole.

Ilana MacDonald, The Casimir Effect in a Piston Geometry.

Deanna MacLennan, One Loop Quantum Corrections to the Newtonian Potential.

Audrey Jacques, Local Dynamics and Cosmological Expansion.

David Pawluczuk, Sky Surface Density of Brown Dwarfs.

Shahn Nadeau, Conformal Techniques in Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity.

Jeremy Godin, Deflection of Light in the Kerr Metric.