If you very much enjoy thinking about problems related to nature (e.g., what are the smallest particles, how old is the Universe, how do semiconductors work), then physics is the subject for you. Physics as intellectually stimulating subject that will provide you with some of the answers to your most profound questions while at the same time making you a critical thinker with highly developed numeracy skills. But where will studying physics take you in terms of a career?

It turns out that physics graduates are highly sought after employees. A physics education emphasizes problem solving skills and abstract thinking. It is this training that makes physics graduates highly desired personnel in the job market. Our graduates are pursuing careers in pure research, industrial applications, education, finance, and technical writing. These foundational skills as well as training in practical subjects such as electronics, optics, lasers, numerical (computer) analysis also make them very desirable employees in the high-tech sector.

The Canadian Association of Physics has an excellent page describing career paths in physics.

See also Physicists Among Us (PDF)

Where are they now?

The following students have kindly informed us of their achievements in terms of postgraduate degrees and diplomas. We look forward to hearing from more students. E-mail us!

Neda Aminshariati — M.Sc. (U. Calgary; in progress)
Azlan Aziz — Ph.D. (UMIST, Manchester)
Hugues Beauchesne — Ph.D. (Carleton U.)
Jonathan Benjamin — Ph.D. (U.B.C.)
Jean Bergeron — M.Sc., Ph.D. (U. Sherbrooke)
Rene Bilodeau — Ph.D. (McMaster U.); PDF at Berkeley (LBL: ALS)
Naomi Black — M.Sc. (York U.)
Eric Blais — Ph.D. (U. Toronto; in progress)
Carol Ann Blaney — B.Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
Kirk Buckley — Ph.D. (UBC); NSERC PDF
Chris Burns — Ph.D. (U. Toronto); Assistant Professor (Swarthmore U.)
Paul Calvert — M.A.Sc. (Ottawa U.; in progress)
Leanne Clarke — B.Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
Aaron Davis — M.Sc. (Dalhousie U.); Ph.D. (RMIT)
Renato Dedic — Ph.D. (U. Sherbrooke; CEGEP Professor)
Ernest Dubeau — M.Sc. (Bishop’s; CEGEP Professor)
Steve Element — Dip. Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
Caroline Foster — M.Sc., Ph.D. (Swinburne U.)
Elodie Fourquet — Ph.D. (U. Waterloo; Professor Colgate U.)
Scott Frederick — M.Sc. (McGill U.)
Steve Fyffe — B.Eng. (UNB; Mechanical)
Cindy Giroux — M.Eng. (McGill U.; CEGEP Professor)
Jeremy Godin — M.Sc. (U. Sherbrooke); Ph.D. (U. Waterloo; in progress)
Jonas Goliasch — M.Sc. (Bishop’s U.; CEGEP Professor)
Samantha Huntington — M.Sc. (U. of London; in progress)
Audrey Jacques — M.Sc. (McGill U.; in progress)
Michael Jensen — M.Eng. (U. Sherbrooke; Ph.D. in progress)
Scott Kirkwood — M.Sc. (Queen’s U.; Computer Science)
Daniel Lametti — Ph.D. (McGill U.; PDF U. Oxford)
Jeff Lapierre — M.Sc., Ph.D. (New Mexico Tech; in progress)
Marianne Lapierre-Leonard — M.Sc. (Bishop’s U.)
Mark Learned — Dip. Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
Will Lee — M.Eng. (U. Waterloo)
Drew MacCannell — Ph.D. (U. Calgary; PDF U. Hawaii)
Ilana MacDonald — Ph.D. (U. Toronto)
Deanna MacLennan — M.Sc. (Carleton U.)
Brian MacWilliam — B.Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
Florian Maisonneuve — M.Sc., Ph.D. (U.N.Z.)
Grainne Masterson — M.D. (McMaster U.)
Christy McCurdy — M.Sc. (Dalhousie U.; Meteorology)
Shahn Nadeau — M.Sc. (Bishop’s U.; in progress)
Emile Parent — M.Sc. (McGill U.; PhD in progress)
David Pawluczuk — M.Sc. (Bishop’s U.; in progress)
Jim Pedersen — B.Eng. (Carleton U.; Electrical)
Emilie Pelchat — M.Sc. (U. Sherbrooke; CEGEP Professor)
Marie-Paule Portelance — M.Sc.; Ph.D. (U. Western Ontario)
Eric Pronto — M.Sc. (Concordia U.; incomplete)
Charles Protheroe — M.Sc. (Concordia U.; in progress)
Jerome Quintin — M.Sc. (McGill U.; Ph.D. in progress)
Jamie Lee Ramsey — M.Sc. (U. Ottawa)
Jonathan St-Antoine — M.Sc. (U. Montreal; in progress)
Martin St-Michel — B.Eng. (U. Sherbrooke; CEGEP Professor)
Mike Spratt — B.Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
David A. Suzuki — Juris Doctor (J.D., Saint John’s U.; N.Y.)
Khairudin Taharudin — Commercial Pilot License
Sally Taylor — M.B.A. (U. Alberta)
Joshua Wheatley — B.Ed. (Bishop’s U.)
Edward Wilson-Ewing — Ph.D. (Penn. State U.; Professor UNB)
Trevor Wood — Ph.D. (Boston U.)
Andres Zambrano — M.Sc. (Bishop’s U.; now at U. Calgary)