The Mathematics programme at B.U. is structured as to both challenge and facilitate students in their quest for autonomous higher order thinking and problem solving. Within this structure, I am a valued individual and a respected learner. The interactive learning community is welcoming and real. I now teach students to use and enjoy Mathematics so as to grow from them and that I owe to my education at B.U.

André Bergeron ’08
B.Sc. EDM (Double Major Mathematics & Secondary Education) & B.Ed.
André Bergeron

that all Canadian universities provide excellent education, it was crucial for me to attend a university that would provide me with the best overall experience. I did not make a mistake in choosing Bishop’s: great and friendly professors fully focused on teaching, small class sizes, possibilities and encouragement to pursue multiple majors, nice social environment, low cost of living,… Bishop’s fully prepared me for the graduate studies at a leading research university, thus opening the early doors towards my research career.

Dr. Davor Svetinovic ’00
B.Sc. Honours in Computer Science with Distinction Honours in Mathematics
M.Math., University of Waterloo, 2000-2002 Ph.D., University of Waterloo, 2002-2006
Dr. Davor Svetinovic
Nancy Roach

My experience in the math department at bishop’s has been nothing but positive. It offers a program filled with challenges but most importantly there was always help available to me. There is always a teacher that was available to help me with any subject even if it was not the class i was taking with them. And if my teachers were not available, then the Math help center had every opportunity to answer my questions. My classes have always been small which was amazing because i was able to build friendships with the other students in my class and we were able to help each other out. And not to mention every semester there is a math party, where we all get together at a teacher’s house to have fun outside of school and eat good food.

Nancy Roach ’08
BSc Major in Math

I am working at Health Canada in the Microsimulation Modelling and Data Analysis Division (MSDAD) of the Applied Research and Analysis Directorate (ARAD) in the Health Policy Branch (HPB). Essentially a number cruncher at Health Canada.

After Bishop’s I completed an M.A. Economics from Queen’s University, and am presently taking classes part time to complete an M.Sc. Biostatistics at University Ottawa.

The Bishop’s Math Dept. showed me that challenging and difficult subject matter could be approached in a friendly and cordial way. Being able to respond calmly and kindly to challenges has, and continues to serve me well in my career.

Tim Prendergast ’01
Double Major in Honors Economics and Mathematics
Tim Prendergast