Bishop’s math professors work in a wide range of disciplines, giving you the possibility to work on the cutting edge of several fields of mathematics. Faculty research interests include Representations of Algebras, Computational Topology, Imaging, Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics, Geometric Analysis and Functional Analysis.

Bishop’s is an associate member of the Institut des Sciences Mathématiques, (ISM) a consortium of the mathematics departments of major universities in Quebec (Concordia, McGill, UQAM, Montréal, Sherbrooke, UQTR, Laval). The ISM provides funding to students wishing to attend conferences and colloquia. The member universities also share their teaching resources.

Each year, in collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke, we organize the Meeting in Representation theory. About 30 people (including renowned researchers from all over the world) join forces to present the most recent advances in representation theory of algebras. We regularly receive visitors and postdoctoral fellows from many countries, giving our students access to the most-up to date topics in modern mathematics.

Our professors are also involved with different research groups:

Madjid Allili:

Thomas Bruestle and François Huard:

Even though Bishop’s does not currently offer graduate programs in mathematics, most of our professors have adjunct status at institutions where such programs are offered, so it’s possible for our honours students to pursue their studies at the graduate level under the supervision of a Bishop’s professor. Our students can also be introduced to research in mathematics by postdoctoral fellows

Summer research:

Every summer, mathematics students have the opportunity to work with one of our professors or postdoctoral fellows. Through NSERC’s USRA (undergraduate students research awards) program and through ISM grants, they are introduced to research in mathematics. Students are guided through the discovery of new results that will eventually be published in scholarly journals, giving them a very good idea of what it is to be a mathematician, and a serious advantage for the job market. Past subjects included Quantum computing, Cryptography, Graph theory and Quadratic forms. The following publications were written by our students during a USRA/ISM stage. If you are interested in doing summer research, please contact the Dr. Huard. ( ).

Summer research reports:

Mr. Jacob Courtemanche, Summer 2015, ISM. “The Future of Oil“.
Supervisors: Dr. Trevor Jones, Dr. Brad Willms.

Mr. Alexander De Serre Rothney, Summer 2013, ISM. “Eigenvalues of a Special Tridiagonal Matrix“.
Supervisors: Dr. Trevor Jones, Dr. Brad Willms.