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We live in a world which has become more interconnected. Being able to understand and to communicate with our neighbours, collaborators, and colleagues takes on greater importance. In this context, the mathematics department of Bishop’s University has created its new program “Matemáticas en Español”.   Mathematics, being a universal language, lends itself especially well to this kind of program.

This 4 year (120 credit) program leads to a B.Sc. with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Hispanic Studies. Please note that for CEGEP graduates, this is a 3 year (90 credit) program.

Major in Mathematics: Mathematics 191 and 192, Physics 191 and 192, 48 additional mathematics credits, 7 computer science credits, 9 science credits (to be chosen from mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and computer science courses).

Minor in Hispanic studies:  24 credits (8 courses: language, culture, civilization, literature, or Hispanic linguistics).

Remaining credits are taken at the discretion of the student. These remaining credits may, for example, be used to obtain another minor or an Honours in Mathematics, a program normally leading to Master’s degree in mathematics.

After having achieved a basic level of Spanish reading and comprehension, students will spend one or two semesters at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador pursuing their studies in both mathematics and Spanish (provided that they have maintained an overall average of at least 70% in their studies at Bishop’s University). All courses will count towards the 120 (or 90)  credit requirement.

In Quito, students will stay with a host family where they will receive room and board for the price of $13 per day. The families are chosen according to very strict criteria in order to ensure a stimulating learning environment and an optimal stay. Once at the USFQ, students must attend three short seminars on the topics of local politics, security and gastronomy.

Being a Quebec university, tuition fees at Bishop’s are among the lowest in Canada. Also, Bishop’s has one of the best scholarship programs in Canada.

L’Universidad San Francisco de Quito en Equateur.