Mathematics is the language of the sciences, a language which allows scientists to quantify, model, understand and predict behaviour in an enormously diverse range of phenomena of interest. Simultaneously, Mathematics is often regarded as an art, as it is the creative study of patterns and of problem solving. Mathematics covers a wide range of disciplines including, algebra, analysis, combinatorics and discrete mathematics, and differential equations. In first year courses, mathematics students are joined by other science students, particularly from Physics and Computer Science. In the advanced courses, classes are very small, and some are given on an individual or tutorial basis.

Many mathematics students combine their mathematics with a major or minor in another discipline. In recent years these have included business, economics, computer science, chemistry, physics, history, music and philosophy.

Program strengths

  • Possibility of combining mathematics major with another major without extending length of degree.
  • Independent studies courses delivered to honour students according to their research interests.
  • Many work/experience opportunities through undergraduate summer research, peer tutoring or the math-stats help center.

Popular courses

  • Excursions in modern mathematics
  • Cryptography

Matematicas en español!

Bishop’s now offers a unique program that will teach you mathematics and Spanish. You will travel to Ecuador to spend at least one semester of Spanish immersion. For further details, choose one of the following links: