This policy applies to all the departmental computing facilities and labs, including but not limited to the J118 and J113 labs,, and

  1. This code is meant as a supplement to the Bishop’s University Computing Acceptable Use Policy, which shall also apply, unless it disagrees with this document; if they disagree then this document shall have priority.
  2. Departmental computing systems and labs are academic facilities and should be used for academic purposes only.
  3. Users are ultimately responsible for any and all use of their computing accounts. In particular, they should maintain secure passwords for all accounts assigned to them, take precautions against others obtaining unauthorized access to their computing resources, and not divulge willingly passwords and other access control information for their personal accounts to any other person.
  4. Users must not use or attempt to use computing facilities or accounts to which they have not been granted explicit access by an appropriate system administrator.
  5. Users must use computing facilities, labs, and services only for the purposes for which they were authorized i.e., accounts or lab work stations must not be used for private consulting or for any form of direct personal financial gain, sold to any other person, or provided as free resources to other persons for unauthorized purposes.
  6. Users must not attempt to interfere with the normal operation of a shared system.
  7. Users must not attempt to encroach on others’ use of computing or lab facilities or to deprive others of resources.
  8. Users must not attempt to subvert the restrictions associated with their computing accounts.
  9. Users must not attempt unauthorized access to computing installations outside the Department using departmental computers or communications facilities.
  10. Users must be considerate of other users of our labs. In particular, privacy and concentration are important in computer labs so if a user need to talk to somebody then this should be done in a way that does not disturb other users.
  11. Food is not allowed in the labs with the exception of cold snacks. All the drinks brought in the lab must be kept in resealable containers which must be kept sealed when not in active use.  Like Bishop’s University as a whole our labs are smoke free.
  12. All users are responsible for reading and abiding by all the signs posted in our computer labs.


  1. Access to our computing and lab facilities is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Any misuse of a departmental computing may result at our discretion in the termination of the user’s account on that facility without prior notice.
  3. Any misuse of a computing lab or communication facility may result at our discretion in the loss of access to that lab or facility without prior notice.
  4. Our decision on this matter cannot be appealed. Further action may be also taken in accordance to Bishop’s University policies including but not necessarily limited to the Bishop’s University Computing Acceptable Use Policy.