Courses & Programs

Courses & Programs

Chemistry Honours

The Chemistry Honours program prepares a student for graduate studies in chemistry, for Medicine and Dentistry, as well as for direct professional employment. The program, which fulfils the academic requirements for membership in the Chemical Institute of Canada and for accreditation by l’Ordre des chimistes du Québec.

The duration of the Chemistry Honours program is 3 years for Quebec students with a DEC in Science, and 4 years for out-of-province students.

Chemistry Major

The Chemistry Major program requires 28 three-credit one-semester courses, or their equivalent, for a total of 84 course credits minimum, plus 14 credits for associated laboratory courses, for a total of 98 credits overall. (Most 100-level and 200-level courses are 3-credit one-semester courses to be taken concurrently with a specified laboratory course of one additional credit; 6-credit two-semester courses require a laboratory course of two additional lab credits). The 84 course credits are divided as follows: 42 course credits of required chemistry courses (plus 14 lab credits), 3 course credits of biochemistry, 12 optional science credits, and 27 optional credits. Students in a minor program in another division may, with permission of the Department, increase free options to a maximum of 33 credits, and reduce science options to a minimum of 6 credits.

The duration of the Chemistry Major program is 3 years for Quebec students with a DEC in Science, and 4 years for out-of-province students.

Chemistry Minor

A Chemistry Minor will be awarded for the completion of CHE 102a, 103b, 183b, 104a, 184a, 105a, 185a, 106b, 186b, 189b together with 3 one-semester 3-credit courses plus their corresponding 1-credit laboratory courses chosen from CHE 221b, 281b, CHE 222b, 282b, CHE 223a, 283a, 224b, 284b, 227a, 287a, 256, 285, for a total of 32 credits, including lab credits [CHE 256 and 285 count as two-semester courses (6 and 2 credits respectively)]. Students taking a Chemistry Minor have a one-lecture course (3 credits) reduction towards the credits necessary for their degree.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Chemistry

For complete details, view the Chemistry section of the academic calendar.

Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science

Put your B.Sc. to use in the fast-growing brewing industry with a graduate certificate from Eastern Canada’s first academic microbrewery.