Chemistry and Brewing Science

Chemistry and Brewing Sciences: What a nice mix!

Experience a hands-on education and small class sizes in the Department of Chemistry and Brewing Science.

The Chemistry and Brewing Science Department offers four distinct programs: Chemistry Honours, Chemistry Major, Chemistry Minor, and a Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science.


Number of hours of experience students will have in chemistry labs.


Number of different chemistry laboratory courses.


Number of different beers brewed in the brewing lab since the start of the Brewing Science Program.


Number of programs (honours, major, minors) in the Chemistry and Brewing Science Departments.


Average chemistry class size in the first two years.


Average chemistry class size in the final 2 years.


Number of hours of brewing experience on state-of-the-art equipment students have in the Brewing Science program.


Average class size in the Brewing Science program.

State-of-the-art facilities


The Chemistry Department places a strong emphasis on experimental work. To this end, the Chemistry department has expended considerable funds to provide outstanding laboratory facilities. Indeed, we feel that our undergraduate laboratories are as well-equipped as any undergraduate laboratories in Canada.

Department Strengths

Bishop’s offers a unique environment, geared towards academic excellence while offering an outstanding student experience. Small class sizes, up-to-date facilities and resources, and a focus on experiential learning lead to a reputation for quality graduates.

A Unique Program

The Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science is the only English language program of its kind in Quebec. Our state-of-the-art brewing science lab and rigorous scientific application of science to the art of brewing prepares students for an exciting career in the industry. We maintain partnerships with regional and national brewers who contribute to both the educational opportunities during the program as well as valuable contacts upon graduation.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is the perfect way for science students to get to know each other as well as experience Bishop’s to its fullest. We take part in a variety of events every year that create a really tight environment in the department.

You’ll get to know upper-year students and professors on a personal level. They are the most valuable resource you can have, they’re always there to help you out.

From the Chemistry Club Executive

Courses & Programs

Chemistry is the center of science

The Chemistry and Brewing Science Department programs provide students with a balanced, rich, and practical education in all sub-disciplines of Chemistry (Analytical, Biochemical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical), and Brewing Sciences (Hops, Yeast, Brewing Water Chemistry, Malt and Malting, and Business of Brewing). Students graduating with a Chemistry degree from Bishop’s University have had an excellent record of being admitted to graduate schools and professional programs (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Education, etc.) or in finding employment in their field.

Undergraduate Degree ProgramsBachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry – Honours, Major, or Minor

The Chemistry Honours program prepares a student for graduate studies in chemistry, for Medicine and Dentistry, as well as for direct professional employment.

The Chemistry Major program prepares students for industrial or other employment that requires an extensive knowledge of chemistry. The program has sufficient flexibility to allow students to obtain a second major or a minor in another academic discipline.

Both the Honours and Major programs fulfils the academic requirements for membership in the Chemical Institute of Canada and for accreditation by l’Ordre des chimistes du Québec.

Graduate ProgramsGraduate Certificate in Brewing Science

The mission of the Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science program is to provide a comprehensive education on the science of the ingredients of beer, the brewing process, and the analytical methods specific to the brewing industry. This education is fortified by more than 200 hours of brewing experience on state-of-the-art equipment.

The Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science is a program designed specifically to meet the growing need for well-trained, scientifically educated brewers and/or brewing analysts in the craft and industrial brewing sectors.

Dr. Dale Wood in the brewery
What’s brewing Doc?

About your professors

The Chemistry and Brewing Science Department offers professors who are leaders in their fields. Small class sizes lead to personalized teaching and the opportunity to pursue the projects you are most interested in. At Bishop’s, you will never be a number.


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