I spent one semester at McGill University and I felt completely lost. Arriving at Bishop’s was the best thing that could have happened to me! The Biology program was fantastic because of small and very interactive classes, lots of outdoor practical potential, and professors that are not only the ones to actually do the classroom teaching but that you can go see for questions and help with relative ease. My time in Biology at Bishop’s allowed me to work hard and not feel like a “number”. From there on, I was able to be accepted in veterinary medicine (DVM) at the University of Montreal and have all the right tools to succeed, eventually completing a residency in internal medicine and becoming board-certified in this field.

Serge Chalhoub ’99
Serge Chalhoub and Luna
Shawn Craik

Bishop’s rural setting provided access to a variety of ecological reserves and parks that served as excellent outdoor laboratories for many of my classes. My undergraduate honours thesis really prepared me for research as a Ph.D. student in wildlife biology at McGill.

Shawn Craik ‘ 01

I look back at my four years as a Bishop’s University biology student with many positive memories. Among then, I most appreciated the rural campus setting that provide a natural outdoor laboratory, the small class sizes, and the genuine care the professor’s showed. The relaxed atmosphere of the biology department was the perfect place for me to pursue my studies.

Amy Moores ’06
Amy Moores

Making the decision to study Biology at Bishop’s University is one that I will never regret. The small class sizes, and faculty members who are genuinely interested in the success of their students, are unparalleled and made my time at BU fly by. The Biology program also offers a wide variety of courses, which enabled me to gain valuable experience and knowledge for future areas of study at the graduate level.

Lori Sparkes ’07

After experiencing a year as an undergraduate in Canada’s largest university I concluded that it is better to be an undergraduate at a university where professors know your name and your interests. While at Bishop’s I was inspired to study plant ecology through the influence of Dr. Van Hulst and the opportunity to work on research projects for two summers at Bishop’s confirmed my desire to be a research scientist.

Dr. Bill Shipley – Univ. de Serbrooke (full professor)