Biology’s best attribute is its teachers. The faculty at Bishop’s is dedicated to undergraduate student teaching. Students who come to BU are treated as individuals, not numbers, and will be exposed to numerous hands-on lab situations. At Bishop’s you wont just be shown how to do something, you will be expected to become proficient yourself, gaining practical experience often lacking in other biology programs.

Bishop’s University is also located near a variety of habitats including bogs, lakes, rivers, mountains, marshes, hardwood forests and meadows, most of which are in easy reach from the campus and are accessible for field trips. This means you could be hiking one lab and canoeing the next. The rural setting of Bishop’s combines the features of a biological field station with those of a well-equipped biology department, providing exceptional opportunities for field study and research in ecology and environmental biology.

St-Francis river

Those students interested in molecular biology and physiology will benefit from the proximity of the Université de Sherbrooke, and its academic hospitals and School of Pharmacology. This French-language university provides an active nucleus of researchers in physiology, immunology, nuclear medicine, and microbiology. An ongoing collaboration between the UofS and Bishop’s provides our students with access to these researchers and their laboratories.