The Biochemistry program at Bishop’s offers the student an opportunity to tailor their final degree to meet their interests, strengths and future needs. This is accomplished through the offering of three program specializations : General, which provides a broad background in several relevant fields of biology, biochemistry and chemistry; Molecular Biology, which places greater emphasis on the molecular and cellular fields; or Chemistry, which is focused in chemistry and, by selecting the appropriate courses, can provide the student with the necessary academic requirements for membership in the Chemical Institute of Canada and for accreditation by l’Ordre des chimistes du Québec.

Discover The Biochemistry Department

The Biochemistry program offers both an Honours degree, which prepares students for graduate studies or for professional schools, and a Majors degree, which provides students more flexibility in their program. The program places strong emphasis on mastering the fundamentals of experimental biochemistry, and provides students with well-equipped laboratory facilities, first-hand experience with modern laboratory equipment, and close instructional contact with professors.

Why study Biochemistry at Bishop’s?

Class sizes in many biochemistry courses are small, providing close personal contact between members of the faculty and students. The faculty is also involved in undergraduate laboratory instruction, which enhances contact with the professors and results in a friendly and productive learning experience in experimental biochemistry.

Program strengths

  • Small classes
  • Individual attention from professors
  • Opportunity to work directly with modern laboratory equipment
  • High acceptance rate to professional and graduate schools

Popular courses

  • Biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology

Did you know ?

  • Biochemists help to understand and combat human diseases
  • Biochemists develop new and better pharmaceuticals
  • Biochemists go on to become doctors, dentist, lawyers and researchers

Courses & Programs


BU Biology Club

The Biology club is a small club consisting of mostly biology students who are dedicated to enjoying themselves during the stressful times that are associated with the study of Biology. Our Wine and cheese celebrations held every semester are legendary, mostly thanks to our Lab Tech Jeff and the twister game. In addition, in the fall we typically have a golf tournament where we square off against our long time rivals from the chemistry department. In addition to these main events numerous potlucks are held throughout the year for us starving students. To raise money for these events, we typically hold the annual guppy sale, which provides the guppies which so many students seem to find ‘interesting’ ways of caring for, as well as the plant sale which provides a wide array of plants to liven up any dreary apartment or Rez room. In addition to these fun events for the students, the club also donates the extra money it receives to several different charities such as the World Wildlife Fund of Canada as well as to several other local charities. If anyone has any questions about the club, please contact the President of the Biology club (to be announced in September) or the Chair of the Biology Department (