List of Courses

List of Courses

For course descriptions, consult the Academic Calendar.

Biblical Studies

REL112 – The Traditions of Ancient Israel
REL114 – Biblical Hebrew I
REL115 – Biblical Hebrew II
REL118 – From Creation to Covenant
REL130 – Jesus and the Gospels
REL131 – Paul’s Letters: The Earliest Christian Documents
REL214 – Israelite Mythology and Cultic Practice
REL215 – History and Legend in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
REL311 – Advanced Study in Biblical Texts
REL328 – Christian Origins I
REL329 – Christian Origins II

World Religions

REL100 – Western Religions
REL101 – Eastern Religions
REL120 – Ancient Greek Mythology
REL122 – Ancient Mediterranean Religions
REL124 – Hinduism: The Many Faces of the Divine
REL125 – Buddhism: The Middle Way
REL126 – Judaism: A Covenant With God
REL127 – Islam: Submission to Allah
REL238 – Greece: Land of the Gods
REL239 – The Prehistoric Origins of Religion
REL254 – Asian Philosophy
REL258 – Indian Philosophy
REL280 – Roman Religion

Approaches, Perspectives and Expressions

REL107 – Archaeology of the Middle East
REL109 – Egypt and Mesopotamia: From the Rise of Civilization to the Persian Conquest
REL148 – Psychology of Religion
REL149 – Sociology of Religion
REL200 – Politics and Religion
REL203 – Early Christian Art and Architecture
REL204 – Women in Religion
REL206 – Apocalypse Then and Now
REL207 – Sex and Religion
REL208 – The Divine and Ultimate Concern
REL232 – Philosophy of Religion I
REL233 – Philosophy of Religion II
REL234 – Introduction to Middle Eastern Politics
REL236 – Death and Dying in the Ancient World
REL237 – Film and Religion
REL241 – The Archaeology of the Transjordan: Archaeological Field Methods
REL330 – Philosophy of Religion and Theology I
REL331 – Philosophy of Religion and Theology II
REL332 – Magic and Divination in the Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Worlds

Independent Studies

REL300 – Independent Studies I
REL301 – Independent Studies II
REL402 – Honours Thesis

Cognate Courses

The following courses in other departments are recognized as Religion cognates (this is not necessarily an exhaustive list; Religion students should consult the Chair of the Religion Department regarding any other courses offered by other departments or programs that they wish to take for Religion credit):

CLA110 – The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
CLA113 – Classical Mythology: The Greek Influence on Rome
DRA211 – Ritual and Theatre
EDU202 – Teaching Ethics and Religious Culture
ENG320 – Sixteenth-Century Poetry and Prose: Exploration and Discovery
ENG350 – Early Victorian Poetry and Prose: Faith in an Age of Doubt
HIS253 – A History of Medieval Europe
HIS278 – A History of the Middle East to 1919
HIS279 – The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HIS352 – History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIS378 – War and Peace in the Middle East
ITA/LIB 384 – Dante’s Divine Comedy
MUS108 – Choral and Sacred Music
PSY 298 – Zen and the Brain